KING’S ROAD C24 (161)

Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the Moda Center, as we are live from Seattle, Washington. The fans here have filled out the Key Arena, desperate for some entertaining wrestling in this city. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.





Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa wait patiently before being given their queue to kick things off.

JOHNSON: ”Welcome folks to another episode of King’s Road! Chapter Twenty-Four, as we come to live from Seattle. Well, I guess things are already interesting.”

VASSA: ”Uh, yeah. Did you see all of that drama on Twitter?”

JOHNSON: ”Yeah, folks, it seems we’ll be missing some matches tonight. Some key talent has dropped out, or have been outright suspended.”

VASSA: ”Shit is getting crazy, but we’ll bring you a show that you can all be proud of regardless.”

JOHNSON: ”That main event tonight has the capacity to be out of hand, a six-man tag match. I don’t think this match was a good idea, Vinny.”

VASSA: ”I don’t think so either, but Gareth apparently knows best. Hopefully, things go smooth, as we head into Chapter Twenty-Five.”

JOHNSON: ”Indeed, Chapter Twenty-Five is going to be our biggest yet. Jett Wilder signed into the main event, getting his chance to become the King’s Road Champion.”

VASSA: ”What do you mean? He has the championship, Steve. He is the champion!”

The scene cuts abruptly, something that it seems only the audience watching at home can see. A mysterious figure, or figures? It’s dark, and hard to tell. The message is brief but very spooky.

ERNEST: ”The right tool for the right job, and a firm belief in the fundamentals!”

The camera shot cuts back to the commentary team, still talking about the show tonight. It seems we have missed a good portion of them talking, even though the message was brief.

JOHNSON: ”Certainly a great show, from top to bottom. Even without the two matches already canceled.”

VASSA: ”Well, speaking of, we have somebody that takes umbrage with her opponent skipping out on her. Ana Valentine is already in the ring, waiting for what Gareth has to say.”

JOHNSON: ”Yes, like the fans, Ana was screwed out of her match. Cass Baumer quit, and now she’s here to find out what’s next for her in King’s Road.”

Ana Valentine sits in the middle of the ring on a good up chair, not dressed for competition thanks to her canceled match; She’s instead dressed in a blue jewel tone fitted dress and heels, her long dark hair loose down past her shoulders. She holds a mic in her right hand and leans back a little in the chair. Her expression is mostly unreadable as she looks around at the crowd.

VALENTINE: ” Well. Originally I was supposed to make my “grand” return to the ring, right? Or, you know, the gimmick return… bullshit return… purely for entertainment purposes return… that part is open to interpretation depending on who you listen to; BUT the one indisputable part is that tonight was supposed to be my return to the ring and then? Cass happened.”

Ana pauses, pushing her tongue against her cheek for a second she raises a brow with a clearly unimpressed look.

VALENTINE: ” I could take the easy way tonight, I could sit here and run Cass I to the ground. Make some obvious jokes, run down her career and mock her sudden descent into retirement but really, why bother? It’s not going to get me a match tonight, it’s not going to draw her out and honestly, the quicker I can wipe the dirt she’s brought into this off my name, the better so… Cass who?”

A slight incline of her head to the left is met with a shrug.

VALENTINE: ” What actually matters is now, I’m deprived of my return for another week. And instead of taping and lacing up, I have to sit out here and fill a little time with talking. Only, if you’re paying attention I’m not really the shit talker I used to be, unlike my time inside the ring, my time outside of it is something I’ve learned to take less seriously. So I’m not going to sit here and pluck random names out of the air, trying to guess who I’ll actually get to face and run down a list of why they don’t impress me… or whatever version of that is the new thing.

What I am? Is someone who came back to the ring with the intention of showing that I’m more than just an idea, or an entertainer, that I can and will be used in matches that are more than just… the fluff piece of the show. I don’t want to be someone who isn’t taken seriously and I’m not someone who stomps her feet and makes demands, what I AM is someone who is going to come out here, night after night and give it everything I have… and on that note…”

Ana turns her head to look up the ramp with a smile.

VALENTINE: ” I think it’s about time I got to hear who I’ll ACTUALLY get to fight.”

Gareth Prescott comes out from the back, looking like he has been putting out fires all night long. He heads to the ring, very quickly, knowing he’s got some things to settle tonight. Gareth shakes Ana’s hand, getting right down to business.

PRESCOTT: ”Ana, thank you for joining me in the ring tonight. As you all know tonight was suppose to be the in-ring debut of Ana Valentine, in King’s Road. Unfortunately, we had some …issues.”

The crowd boos, as the match has already been canceled for tonight. Ana stands there, a bit annoyed at everything that had happened.

PRESCOTT: ”We told Ana she could have the night off, considering her opponent had completely quit on her and everyone else. Imagine that, after spending so much time talking trash about 4CW. It happens, but thankfully I was able to secure another match for Ana Valentine. You see, I’ve had somebody very interested in joining. Somebody who’s been itching to get into a King’s Road ring…”

Ana looks interested, as the crowd builds with anticipation as to who this person actually is.

PRESCOTT: ”Ana Valentine, you deserve a quality match for your debut here. We need to set a good start to Chapter Twenty-Five, as it will be a big show for all of us. So, I’ve decided to put you in the opener. Ana Valentine, making her King’s Road debut against…”

With some anticipation building, Gareth smiles as he announces Ana’s opponent.

PRESCOTT: ”Jae-Yuh Sun!”

The crowd cheers, as Ana looks pleased with the announcement. Knowing that she’ll actually have an opponent who wants this opportunity, she looks ready to get prepared. Gareth, again, shakes her hand as we cut to the backstage area.

STASTIAS: ”So, what’s up with this shit?”

Emevlas Stastias appears in frame, pointing to a whiteboard with a very… abridged match card. “A very… abridged match card” in this case meaning “just her triple threat match and nothing else.” So prideful, yet angry is Mevy, who (like always) seems impossible to satiate.

STASTIAS: ”I mean, you’ve got Manny’s girlfriend slash wife slash what-the-fuck-ever, and one half of the tag champions, buuuut… what the fuck kind of match is this? What even is the point of sticking your number one contender to the King’s Road title in such a pointless match? Even Autism Speaks would be too embarrassed to sponsor this trash, and yet here we are, just placing me in a random match. It’s like Hudson used a fucking randomizer to see where some people would go. I’ll remind you again that I am your NUMBER ONE CONTENDER. I can at least understand someone in my position OPENING the show, but NOOOO, I ain’t even GET THAT! I get to be in the piss break match with two wrestlers who don’t EVEN deserve the god damn privilege to be near me!”

Mevy closes her eyes and pinches the bridge of her nose out of frustration.

STASTIAS: ”You know what? I’ll just humor myself. Let’s see what they can actually do when they’re not being useless on Twitter. Truck Turner can’t even perform his own namesake, because if he could, HE’D be the top champion right now. Even still, the only reason he’s even tag champion to begin with is because I only team with one person, and that person isn’t Kaelan Laughlin. Never has been, never will be. I’m a three-time tag team champion this year alone with Izzy Van Doren, we could tag wrestle circles, squares, triangles, and trapezoids around this 12 ounce can of wannabe tag bitch. It’s almost like we were thrown into a random, pointless match because someone overestimated how good Truck actually is, because one on one, this is going to be like Michigan butt-fucking Western Michigan last week. Without lube.”

There’s actually a light chuckle out of Stastias, as she remembers this is a triple threat match and not a one-on-one match.

STASTIAS: ”Except there’s a third, isn’t there?”

Mevy sighs.

STASTIAS: ”Of course there is, because why let me have fun for one week? Just one! One week! That’s all I ask! Lauryn Would-be, if I had to sum up your time in King’s Road, I wouldn’t be able to because there’s nothing relevant you’ve actually done aside from peg Manny. Let’s be real, though, there’s a lot of people who’ve went and done that before. I’ll at least give you the fact that people seem to not actively dislike you for one reason or another, but that bar wasn’t exactly high to begin with. The only reason you’re even in this match is so you’ll take the fall when I inevitably win, because that happens when I’m the number one contender to the King’s Road title and no one else in this match is even close. Again, Michigan butt-fucking Western Michigan. I hope you all saw that game, because that’s going to be the most accurate depiction of this match: an ongoing train wreck for Truck and Lauryn, and a fucking summer breeze for me, the number one contender.”

The view cuts from this video feed to another random interruption for something we still haven’t quite figured out yet.

ERNEST: ”I can take it, Ms. St. Cloud. Real men can take it and I’m a real man. A man with a hearty smile, a stout back, grit in his teeth, and nails in his knuckles. A man who has never tasted quiche…is that your smallest needle? I DID IT! I TOOK THE LINDBURGH BABY! I AM JOSEF MENGELE!”

Shifting the scene over to another part of the backstage area, the cameras catch sight of a focused Lauryn Wolfe warming up. She bounces lightly on her feet and shakes her arms a bit, getting the blood pumping through her veins. Once she was done psyching herself up, she directs her gaze over to the cameras and flashes a smile.

WOLFE: “My, my. It feels great being able to compete in my hometown again. It’s been too long. But hey, I won’t bore y’all with the so-so-typical speech about how important it is for me to succeed in front of those who are proud to call Seattle their home. I won’t insult your intelligence to garner some cheap pops. That shit’s corny.”

She shakes her head and laughs.

WOLFE: “What isn’t corny, though? How much of a role I’ve been on since coming back. Granted, I may not be taking championship belts in order to insert myself into a title picture or jumping people in a pathetic attempt to remain relevant, but I’m glad with the progress I’ve made. I promised you all that I would come back stronger than ever, and I’m doing just that. Of course, the ideal end would be for me to finally win a title under the 4CW banner, but I won’t do that under suspect circumstances. I’ll earn my opportunities, and I’ll do that through every match I have. That’s the goal… and, well, that should be the goal for all of you on the roster since, well… we’re wrestlers. That’s what we’re supposed to do if we want to elevate our names, but some of you are acting like you forgot what a professional wrestling match is.”

We stan a shady queen.

WOLFE: “People wanna use shortcuts nowadays to get where they need to in their careers, but that’s not how I operate. Yes, I may not have the best of luck when it comes to seizing the opportunity and using said opportunity to bolster my name into the stratosphere, but no one can ever tell me that haven’t earned them. People may poke fun at me and laugh about all the titles I could’ve won but didn’t, but that doesn’t get to me anymore. I’m not worried about all of the old monikers and being known as a choker. I’m only concerned with what’s ahead of me – and for me, that’s climbing to the top and becoming a champion.”

“And if any of you are still doubting me? Well, I guess I need to make bigger statements out of Mevy and Truck to make sure that my point is made.”

With a quick wink, Lauryn chuckles and makes her way towards the stage, ready for her upcoming match.


The Conglomerate are fine! Damien Miri might not be, after getting into the ring with Vonn Richter tonight. One half of the King’s Road Tag Team Champions, Vonn Richter deals with the leader of The Conglomerate one show before he has to defend against the former champs in their rematch. Things go about as expected, for Damien, as the size difference isn’t in his favor tonight. Vonn Richter bullies him all over the ring, using his weight and size advantage to inflict as much damage as possible. Damien stays in there, though, getting away from Vonn every single chance that he could get. He races across the ring, and fights dirty whenever the situation presents itself. The Seattle crowd doesn’t seem to mind much, though, as he is the hometown favorite in this match. Vonn uses this to his advantage, fueling his rage as the crowd boos him for every chop and punch he connects with. Damien gets tossed over the barricade, into the first row, as Vonn Richter celebrates in the ring. Damien, still on the outside, looks on as he doesn’t know what to do about his current situation. He’s been outbattled, and outmatched this entire time. Damien looks to the back, the one last thing he could think of. Vonn Richter looks on, as Frederick Jameson and Nikolas Thoreau walk out from the back! Vonn calls for them to come to the ring, unaware that Damien has regained his composure. Damien slides back into the ring, carefully positioning himself behind Vonn Richter. Vonn doesn’t stand a chance, as The Conglomerate walk down to the ring, Damien attacks from behind! The Seattle crowd cheers, as Damien hits a chop-block on Vonn’s right knee! With the big man on his knees, it becomes easy for Damien as he connects with Welcome to Seattle! Vonn is planted face first in the middle of the ring, as Damien covers him for the victory!


Before the camera cuts to commercial, we cut back to this mysterious shit still happening throughout the night. Another message for those watching at home, it still doesn’t make any kind of sense.

ERNEST: ”So it’s come to this. A pointless, miserable end to a shallow, meaningless life. But it’s as it should be. It’s the hand I’ve been dealt, and I have to play it as it lays. Oh, I’m not going to cry because life’s thrown me a curve. I’m not going to whine because I got mashed potatoes when French fries is what I really wanted. It’s time for me to step up to the plate, belly up to the bar! It’s time for me to look fate square in the eye, flare my nostrils, breathe life’s last breath! It’s time for me to lie down with lions so I can soar with the eagles! All right! I’m ready! Come and get me! Let’s do it!”


This triple-threat match had the ability to be great, had being the keyword. The camera cuts to the backstage area, before the start of the match. We see Damien Miri, Nikolas Thoreau, and Frederick Jameson as they stand over Truck Turner. Truck had taken exception with how they cost his teammate a win tonight, and The Conglomerate responded with force! Lauryn Wolfe handles Emevlas in the ring, as it’s only the two of them for the time being. Lauryn outclasses Emevlas in every way, out wrestling her as the competition continues. Mevy has to resort to underhanded tactics, to even get a few moments of breathing room. Despite her actions, Lauryn seems to come back harder every single time. Mevy tries for a Springboard Crossbody, only to receive double knees to her midsection from Lauryn Wolfe! Lauryn continues to keep Mevy in a bad spot, forcing her into the corner as she uses her boot to choke her. Emevlas calls for the official to step in, and disqualify Lauryn Wolfe. This doesn’t seem to help, though, as he does not step in. Lauryn continues to fight her way, taking Emevlas outside to inflict more damage. An Irish Whip into the nearby barricade stops Emevlas for the moment, allowing Lauryn to charge her. She looks for a clothesline, but Mevy ducks and sends her tumbling into the first row! This crowd has received a double dose of up-close action here tonight.

Mevy uses this to her advantage, stepping on Lauryn’s fingers as she tries to climb back inside of the ring. Lauryn tries fighting back, but Mevy finally has the step on Lauryn that she needed. A Suplex rattles the ring, as Mevy follows that up with a Slick Backbreaker out of nowhere. Lauryn stays on the mat, in pain, as Emevlas continues to work over her lower back. Mevy puts her into a Bow and Arrow hold, really wrenching back as the crowd boos her. They hope for Lauryn to hold on, and she does. Emevlas let’s go of the hold, opting instead to go for a Camel Clutch hold! The hold really seems to do a number on Lauryn’s back, as Mevy is able to keep her in the hold for a lengthy period of time. Unfortunately for her, TRUCK TURNER IS BACK ON THE SCENE FOLKS! He hobbles out from the back, bandaged up all over his body. Medical officials try to stop him, but they don’t get very far. He clobbers them all with punches, knocking every single one of them out. The crowd is confused, unsure of what to think as Truck slowly makes his way to the ring. He clearly has a head injury, but that isn’t stopping him! He slides into the ring, and grabs Emevlas! Lifting her up into a Gorilla Press Slam, Truck easily tosses Emevlas across the ring! Lauryn Wolfe tries attacking, but the damage done to her lower back is too much. Truck easily grabs her, lifting her up into a CHOKESLAM! Truck doesn’t get a chance to cover Lauryn, however. He collapses in the middle of the ring, as Emevlas uses this as a chance to cover Lauryn. The chokeslam was enough, as she steals the victory here tonight!



Darryl somehow made his way to the ring, extremely intoxicated, which didn’t seem to please Lisa at all. Especially considering how long it’s been for these contestants tonight. It seems like the show has been going on forever, but that’s okay. This match starts off normally, with Lisa matching up with Mitsu Shimada. It’s a hard fought bout between the two, but Mitsu takes control of the match early on. Darryl drunkenly shouts support for Lisa on the side, which doesn’t seem to help much. Lisa tells him as much, as Zeel helps with scolding Darryl on the sidelines. Darryl looks hurt, and even contemplates leaving the match outright. That is until Lisa steps in, and finally apologizes to him for being so mean and careless with his feelings. Darryl seems to accept this apology, as the match continues. Mitsu Shimada seems to be the only person not affected by what’s going on in the match, as he continues to control the matchup. Darryl Walker gets involved, but he’s too intoxicated to do anything properly. It’s a mess out there, folks. Mitsu controls Darryl, slamming him round the ring as he finally tags out. Lisa, aggravated, has to get back into this matchup!

Lisa calls for Zeel to get into the match, but Zeel seems fine with Mitsu doing all of the work. I mean, so far things have been going great. Why ruin a good thing, you know? Mitsu doesn’t seem to care much, as he tags out of the match. Zeel finally steps in, as Lisa looks to get some more revenge. Zeel, however, is still too distraught by the death of Trevor Miller. Something that Lisa promptly rubs in his face, having murdered him at Chapter Twenty-Three. Lisa tells Zeel over and over again that she enjoyed killing Trevor, even though he’s not really dead. Lisa finally gets the advantage for her team, as she gets Zeel down with a Top Rope Hurricanrana! Mitsu thinks about getting involved, but decides against it. Lisa looks ready to finish off Zeel, once and for all, when the lights go out! The crowd is spooked, as the lights come back on and TREVOR MILLER IS STANDING IN THE RING! Zeel squeals in delight, running over to hug his partner. Trevor laughs at Lisa, saying that he CANNOT BE KILLED! Lisa screams at Trevor, rushing him, but he ducks! Zeel connects with a Diving Spear! The move lays Lisa out, as Zeel covers her for the pinfall and the win!


Leaping backstage, we find the father of Makaveli Peake standing around with his back turned away from the camera. Gregg Peake speaks, but doesn’t quite turn around just yet.

PEAKE: ”Tonight I wrestle…”

And as he turns around, his attention is drawn to a notecard that Gregg is focused on.

PEAKE: ”Nora Cranley.”

He nods and looks into the camera with an intense stare after having just learned his opponent’s name. And also immediately getting his opponent’s name wrong. But do you think someone of Gregg Peake’s caliber cares? Of course he doesn’t, that’s why he carries on anyways.

PEAKE: ”Listen here, Norick Cranley, I’m sure you’re good…hell, you probably think you’re great even, but do you know…do you understand…do you appreciate the man standing here before you? I’m Gregg Peake! I’m a member of The Conglomerate! I’ve wrestled bears! And actual bears too! See, Neriah Cranley, I don’t really give a damn how good you think you might be…because in reality? I know how good I am.”

He laughs.

PEAKE: ”I’m a father, Nancy Cranley. I’m here wrestling for my child; to help give him a better tomorrow…today. And someone like you? A no good piece of shit like you? A no good piece of fucking shit asshole like yourself? A real piece of work? You’re trying to prevent that. You’re trying to make sure that doesn’t happen. You’re actively taking food out of my son, Makaveli’s mouth…is that the kind of man child you want to be remembered as?”

Gregg squints at the camera and turns his head a bit, looking right through the lens at Norris; if Norris was watching.

PEAKE: “Is it? Huh? Huh, pussy?”

He calls his opponent out, but there’s nothing that can be said or done unless Norris was to walk right onto the scene. But he doesn’t. Probably proving Gregg’s point.

PEAKE: ”I’ve been silent upon my return to King’s Road because I’ve been struggling to find the right words to say and Morris Cranley…I’ve found these words. These words that will help me win psychologically against you and these words that will make you feel so puny and weak that it will start to physically wear you down. It’ll make you question the very fabric of reality. It’ll make you realize that as good as you think you are…you’re not as good as me.”

A strong nod from Gregg to reassure his own claims about himself.

PEAKE: ”I’m sure in reality you’re a great guy, Tarvaris Cranley, but I’m not. I’m an excellent guy.”

Gregg smirks and pulls up some quick finger guns for the camera.

PEAKE: ”You suck.”

A sudden change in the mood as Gregg’s face sours and he spits on the floor; now a look of disgust on his face as he looks into the camera yet again and right at Norris. That look lingers as the scene fades out and goes elsewhere.


A match of two talented men, Graham doesn’t look concerned about his match-up with Aoki in the ring. Unfortunately, he should have taken this seriously. Aoki quickly takes this match to the outside, throwing Graham around the outside of the ring. Graham flies into several barricades, and the steel steps, creating chaos and havoc all around the ring. Graham finally fights back, resorting to a trash can shot that stuns Aoki for a moment. Graham looks satisfied with himself, thinking he had stopped Aoki so early. Foolish man, Aoki stands up, blood pouring from his forehead. Graham immediately realizes his mistake, taking a trash can shot to the head from Aoki! From here it just gets really ugly, as Aoki turns this into a weapons match. Graham was never really prepared for this, as he is strangled with BARBED WIRE in the middle of the ring! The crowd is fully behind Aoki, and his assault on Graham Gosch. Graham tries his best to fight back, but a shot from a light tube stops that quickly. Aoki continues to batter him with weapons, setting up a Glass Pane in the corner. Aoki looks like he wants to send Graham through it, but Graham manages to fight back! He’s not going through that, no way in hell. Aoki tries again, but it’s Graham who POWERSLAMS HIM RIGHT THROUGH THE GLASS! Aoki and Graham lay there in the ring, Graham fully in shock with what has just happened. Finally, after a few moments, Graham gets back to his feet ready to end this match. Again, he underestimates Aoki, and his tolerance for pain. Aoki stands to his feet, a bloody mess, smiling at his opponent. Graham cannot do much, as Aoki brutalizes him with several chairshots! With his opponent in a bad way, Aoki finally ends this match with To The Lost! The Backdrop Driver sends Graham crashing hard into the match, as Aoki pins him for the victory!


“Throne” hits the speakers to bring out the self-proclaimed Amazing One, Johnny Amazing. He shows up already in his ring gear with his sleeveless hoodie on and his Amazing hat. He slaps a few outstretched hands on his way to the ring, but is more business than usual tonight. He slides into the ring and calls for a microphone.

AMAZING: ”Two weeks ago in only my third show with this company, I was left lying by a group of men that I know all too well. One in particular has been a bit of a thorn in my side going all the way back to Mexico, all the way back to wherever the hell we wrestled in Sentinel. Anyone remember that place?”

Of course they do! The fans pop for good old Sentinel Wrestling Alliance, as well as Mexico’s crown jewel ACM. Johnny smiles and nods along with them.

AMAZING: ”‘Course you do! Anyway, my point. The ringleader of that little conglomeration of pricks that seem to enjoy patting one another on the back. And hey! Everyone loves a pat on the back so I’m not even hating on that. What I’m hating on, is their insistence to always be in my business. And I get it! I stuck my foot in my mouth. I caused the tag team problems, but hey… I mean… if Nik and Freddy weren’t so easy to beat it wouldn’t have been a problem would it?”

Johnny can’t stop from grinning as a chorus of “oooooooooh” sounds throughout the arena. He puts a hand up and waves it about as he chuckles to himself.

AMAZING: ”Nah nah nah! That was a low blow, but I think I earned at least one. That said! What I came out here to say, what I came out here to announce to my good friends in the Conglomerate is–“

“Do I wanna know” abruptly starts to play throughout the arena, the music of Conglomerate Leader Damien Miri cutting Johnny short. Dame walks through the curtains wearing a Conglomerate T-shirt, blue jeans and his hair tied back in a ponytail. Bearing a shit eating grin on his face and the OWF Mana Championship around his waist, Dame pulls a microphone out of his back pocket.

MIRI: ”Don’t worry folks. It’s fine. Your savior has come to cut all of this cookie cutter bullshit short.”

The fans boo accordingly, leaving Damien “shocked”.

MIRI: ”So what you’re saying is, you want to hear what John is about to say?”

The crowd pops for Johnny, prompting a ‘JOHNNY JOHNNY JOHNNY’ chant for the Amazing one. Amazing smirks and wipes his chin before continuing on.

AMAZING: ”I’m glad to hear that, Seattle! Because what I came out here to say was–“

MIRI: ”WHOA THERE. Easy there markski!”

Damien shakes his head with annoyance, cutting Johnny off once again. He climbs the stairs and steps into the ring, bringing his microphone up to his lips only for Johnny smack him upside the jaw with a stiff forearm shot! Damien reels but angrily responds with a forearm shot of his own as both microphones go flying. They trade forearms until Damien gains the upperhand with a knee to the midsection. Damien soaks in the minor victory and then charges into a leaping knee strike fro Johnny! Johnny’s feet land back on the canvas and a split second later he nails a Super Kick that nearly knocks Damien out of his boots!

Johnny turns to retrieve his fallen microphone and that’s when Damien catches himself on the ropes. He takes just a moment to recover and aims a Conglomerate Kick at Johnny’s downed head. Johnny dodges at the last possible second and lights Damien up with a series of stiff forearms that back him into the ropes. A massive clothesline dumps the leader of the Conglomerate over the ropes to the approval of the Seattle crowd. Johnny darts off the ropes, looking for plancha, but Damien back pedals out of range. Johnny lands his feet on the top rope and moonsaults into a seat on the canvas right now to his fallen microphone. He carefully collects it, tapping it to make sure it works.

AMAZING: ”What I came out here to say… is that I’m done talking.”

The crowd cheer as Johnny smirks through the ropes at Damien heading up the ramp with a snarl on his face.

We cut quickly to the backstage area, where we see Gareth Prescott standing by. He looks to be busy, having to deal with the show tonight. Gareth takes in a deep breath, addressing the camera and only the camera.

PRESCOTT: ”Hello folks! I hope you are all enjoying the show tonight. I know that it’s been surrounded in controversy, considering we’re down about two matches tonight. Jay Gallagher was set to face Cartier, our current Internet Champion. Unfortunately, a stupid joke by somebody who should have behaved in a professional manner ruined everything. Make no mistake about this, the blame for this lies on Hudson Hughes and his actions. However, I expected more from somebody who represents the company as champion. Her actions on social media reflected poorly on herself, and this company. Fighting with a co-owner is never a good thing, and will always end poorly.”

Gareth sighs, as he continues on.

PRESCOTT: ”Cartier has been suspended for the week, and was almost terminated. I have spoken with 4CW management, and determined that Cartier can keep her position within the company. However, she has been stripped of the Internet Championship, effective immediately. There is now a vacancy with the championship, which will be dealt with at a later date. Thank you all, and enjoy the rest of the show!”

With that message, we cut back to ringside for the next contest.


Much like last time we saw William Lyons in the ring, Dempshaw tried to form an alliance with Kenny, but it was met with an index finger as he asked for some time to consider it. Kenny then actually asked Lyons if he wanted to form an alliance and Lyons laughed and agreed as the bell rang and the two backed Dempshaw into the corner with a mauling. Lyons whipped Kenny into the corner towards Dempshaw at a ridiculous speed flying forearm and springboard bulldog combination. Lyons was amused and posted Dempshaw up into another corner and told Kenny to irish whip him this time. Kenny agreed, except he couldn’t whip Lyons. Will just shrugged and ran into the corner with a splash annihilating Dempshaw and allowing Will to roar to the fans. BUt as he turned around he saw Kenny looking as if he was going to try and pin, but Kenny caught himself and held his hands up innocently. Will warned Kenny not to do that again, and basically at this point it looked like a zoo handler trying to not get maimed – so Kenny agreed.

Lyons and Kenny would work together again as the big man held Dempshaw up in a stalling suplex and Kenny hit a springboard crossbody landing on the mat – but quickly making sure not to cover Dempshaw. Will thanks Kenny and goes to pin Reginald now, but Kenny pulls him out from under and tells Will to just wait a minute. Why does he get to pin Reginald? Will tells him it’s because he’s bigger and somebody has to win this match before shoving Kenny aside. At this point Dempshaw had made it outside the ring and Lyons was hunting him down and bouncing his head off the barricade. Kenny seemed a bit sad at first in the ring all by himself – but the fans cheered his name and he knew what to do. Kenny used the ropes several times back and forth for momentum before launching himself over the top rope and to the outside taking both Lyons and Reginald out! The fans loved it and Kenny got back into the ring and this time dove through the ropes with a suicide dive that took both men down! Feeding off the energy Kenny wanted one more shot at it and he really should’ve stopped at two because he was met with a massive uppercut from Dempshaw who then ducked an attempt from Lyons and hit a drop toe hold into the steps! Dempshaw got into the ring and had Kenny in a vicious front headlock until Will pulled him outside of the ring still holding onto Kenny which resulted in a lariat to Dempshaw and circumstantial apron hung ddt to the Kenny! Lyons rolled Dempshaw into the ring after a while, still trying to shake the cobwebs out from the steps, and went to pin him but only got a one count. Will looked up as to why that was, because Dempshaw never kicked out and Kenny was on the outside dusting off the referee and making sure he was okay after he pulled him out. WIll was pissed and got to his feet just in time to swing a massive chop at an aerial Kenny, BUT he missed! Kenny rolled through and hit the ropes springboard moonsaul-OH MY GOD! Will caught Kenny mid moonsault on his shoulders and drops him with an electric chair drop!

THR – NO!!

Dempshaw breaks up the pin. Having practically ZERO offense the entire match he breaks the pinfall and rakes the eyes of Lyons then going to work with another front headlock, but this time he’s throwing VICIOUS knees to the top of his head. WInding his leg up higher each time to make sure the impact gets worse. He’s gotten Will into a dazed state just by throwing knee after knee. Dempshaw stands up and the fans boo him as he drags Will off of Kenny and rolls him over.

THR – NO!!

Will kicks out! Will kicked out and Dempshaw is pissed! He drags Will into the middle of the ring and manages to lift him up and soften him with european uppercuts and forearms while holding onto the back of the head. He’s looking for a TKO victory because he keeps telling the referee to check Will to see if he’s even responsive. He locks in a surfboard stretch and… oh my god is he going to try and lift Will above his head!?! OH MY GOD!? The fans have their cameras out and he rocks back and forth trying to get the momentum. The fans are actually cheering him because they wanna see it! He get’s Will off his chest and LOVEMACHINE DDT! THe momentum sends Dempshaw over the move and when he gets up ANOTHER LOVE MACHINE DDT! Kenny climbs to the top rope as the fans ERUPT! LOVETT OR LEAVE IT phoenix splash! OH MY GOD!

THR – NO!!

Will breaks up the feel good moment by wrapping his arm around Kenny’s throat and standing him with him stuck in a rear naked choke before losing consciousness and the referee calling for the bell!


The Key Arena in Seattle, Washington have been home to another episode of King’s Roads. Noris Cranley is currently in an empty locker room strapping on his knee pads and putting on his wrestling boots. He’s feeling pretty confident about tonight and the look in his brown eyes says it all, Noris has come to win and get his first victory here in 4CW. As he stands up from the bench and closes the locker door behind him, he’s approached by Hartman and a camera crew out of nowhere to his dismay.

HARTMAN ”Noris Cranley, you’re about to face former Pure Champion Gregg Peake tonight. How do you feel about this?”

He holds the microphone up to Noris’ lips and he doesn’t look pleased to be around Hartman. Noris sighs and just goes along with it.

CRANLEY: ”Hartman. When I faced Jett Wilder last week, he showed me his true colors which tells me that I can hang with the best enough they have to result to shortcuts against me. It was a lesson learned that he got the victory by any means necessary because I allowed it to happen against my better judgement. So now, I’ll take that lesson and apply it against Gregg Peake. I’m going to walk into that ring and introduce Peake to a new generation that has been brewing in the company.

A new talent who is set on making an impact on becoming the greatest wrestler in the history of 4CW. That talent is me and I’m going to do it by beating Gregg so everybody gets the idea. I’m not an afterthought or a loser. I’m a wrestler and a damn good one. Just because I’m a kid, it doesn’t mean I can’t fight like a man! You believe me right?!”

Hartman doesn’t say anything and Noris rolls his eyes.

CRANLEY: ”Whatever. I got my match so…bye.”

And Noris just walks out of the locker room heading to his match.


Gregg and Noris are two guys who on any night could steal the show with their performances, and it would be tough to say they didn’t. Noris started quick with a rapid fire forearm combination off the ropes after Gregg gave him a quick shove. The forearm combo ended with a 360 degree turn swing and a miss as Gregg elevated Noris with a back suplex that barely affected Noris as he popped up quick and made sure to hit the discus forearm as both men went down. The fans were hot from the start as the two men recovered for a bit before Gregg took control of the match after a missed opportunity from Noris having Gregg stuck in the corner and ate a boot for his efforts. Gregg threw Noris into the corner and unleashed crazy chops to the chest of the rookie softening him up for a northern lights suplex that Gregg flipped through and deadlifted Noris up above his head spiking him into the mat with a spinebuster but only a near fall. The smile on Gregg’s face turned to amazement as Noris kicked out. The fans were in awe by the move Gregg had clearly been working on, but Noris wasn’t in the mood to be a lab rat. Gregg tried to pick Noris up and whip him off the ropes but after a near miss Noris was behind Gregg and in mid air with a rebounding moonsault that toog Gregg off his feet followed by another moonsault from the standing position for a nearfall of his own. Noris is amped, and begs Gregg to get up off his feet as he screams out superkick party looking for his GAME OVER trademark move, but Gregg slides out of the ring to boos. The boos turn to the cheers quickly as Noris finds himself on the top turnbuckle near Gregg and leaping in mid air with a shooting star press to the outside on top of Gregg! The two men recover before Noris rolls Gregg in looking for a pinfall, but Gregg keeps rolling through the ring and out to the other side. Noris grows frustrated and gets to the apron stalking Gregg, but when he gets there his legs are taken out from underneath him and he lands chest first on the hardest part of the ring. Gregg points to his head, clearly bragging about how much more ring aware he is. They’re both on the apron as Gregg delivers a piledriver now to the ring apron! My god Noris is lifeless on the outside. The referee yells at Gregg as he sits on the apron looking at Noris and yelling at him to get up.

Unfortunately for Gregg, this would all end in a nearfall as Noris got his shoulder up at the last second and the crowd was shocked – maybe more shocked than Gregg. But Gregg wasted no time picking Noris up in a deadlift again only this time looking for a release german suplex! WAIT Noris landed on his feet! He was playing possum! Gregg turns around RESET ace crusher! Noris scrambles over to Gregg

THR – NO!!

Gregg kicked out and Noris is devastated. He thought he had it. He refocuses and gets to his feet waiting for Gregg and tries a superkick, but misses. Gregg tries a superkick of his own and misses. Folks, we’re in a superkick sword fight. They’re going back and forth trying to be the first one to hit a superkick and not one of them has landed! Noris goes for one more – NO! He fakes a superkick ANOTHER RESET ACE CRUSHER!




Another interruption, hopefully for the last time tonight. The same as before, the same mysterious figure in the darkness. One last message for those watching at home.

ERNEST: ”How ’bout a bumper sandwich, Boogerlips?”

After both opponents made their way down to the ring, the music of Hudson Hughes hit to a chorus of boos as both the fans and the competitors in the ring could have gone without seeing him again.

HUGHES: ” Wait.. Wait… wait a second. I am not having this idiot try to cheat us out of one more penny.”

The boos grow louder at the mention of Hudson calling Clyde an idiot.

HUGHES: ” Therefore, tonight and every time you step between those 4CW ropes there’s going to be a special Clyde Clock counting at ringside.”

Hudson points to the time keeper who pulls a black cloth off of what appears to be a recreational sports clock with bright red digital numbers on a black background.

HUGHES: ” That clock will start when the match begins, and so help me god if it’s not stopped the minute Clyde probably loses we’ll be looking for a new god damn time keeper.”

The arrogance of Hudson grows with a smile on his face as he points to the time keeper again.

HUGHES: ” Ring the bell!”


As the match begins Clyde holds up his index finger and protests while he readies himself in the corner for the the standard ‘foreign object check’ that maybe one referee still does in the entire industry. Clyde demands that the referee check his boots, insisting that he could be carrying moon rocks – but then he screams april fools to everyone – still insisting that he is searched. When the referee obliges Clyde then demands Kaelan is searched as well, which clearly annoys the Irish lass and when the referee finds nothing on either of them the match is kicked off by Kaelan charging Clyde who opts to run around the ring away from Kaelan for quite some time, opting to avoid any actual contact while continuously looking at the clock as it ticks. Kaelan quickly grows annoyed, but also hates Hudson so she posts up in the corner and waits for Clyde to actually want to wrestle. The referee demands the two actually wrestle and Hudson appears on the stage again with the microphone in hand.

He demands that the referee begin a ten count for every time Clyde tries to avoid contact, and says that he’ll now be ringside to ensure this is properly done. The two finally engage in an elbow collar tie up, but instead of furthering the action from there they push each other back and forth across the ring until Hudson demands the referee break them up and make them start fresh. Clyde then challenges Kaelan to a test of strength, which also goes on for minutes as the two go back and forth, but finally Kaelan has had enough and erupts with forearms to Clyde backing him into the corner finishing up her attack with a belly to belly suplex that Clyde sells by rolling around the ring avoiding contact again before rolling to the outside. But now Hudson grabs Clyde and throws him back into the ring. Clyde is beside himself in shock, but still manages to get out of a german suplex by pulling at the fingers of Kaelan before trying to roll her up only getting a one count. He quickly locks in a side headlock and tries to wear her down, but he only suffers another suplex. Another chase around the ring as the clock ticks ends when Clyde uses the ropes to catapult himself into a missile dropkick which sends Kaelan out of the ring. Hudson approaches her and demands she get back in the ring and end this, but he’s met with a mist of spit from Kaelan right to his face before she rolls back in. Clyde, instead of pursuing the attack was helping the fans start a wave, but as Kaelan tried to get back into the ring he kept pushing her back out. The fans laughed as this happened four separate times until Kaelan pretended to slide in and grabbed Clyde’s foot pulling him to the outside and suplexing him into the barrier. She had clearly had enough of all of this. She rolled Clyde back into the ring and tried to capitalize but he gouged her eye! Then followed it up with gouging her other eye! Kaelan staggered in the ring trying to regain her sight as Clyde wound up to complete his Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse eye gouge signature, but she ducked and tripped Clyde up before mounting him and unleashing an assault of closed fist strikes. Hudson screamed for her to end it, but she replied back telling him to shut his cuck mouth before lifting Clyde and planting him with an arm trapped exploder GOING OUT IN STYLE suplex for the three count as Hudson dove over to the clock to stop it.


Cutting to the backstage area, we see nothing but black. A man in the shadows, a towel covering his face. He steps forward, slowly, as we see it’s Trevor Miller.

Trevor says nothing, only looking into the camera. The towel on his face is slowly pulled away, as Trevor continues to stare into the camera. He slowly brings up an image of Lisa Seldon, holding it up for the camera to see. Trevor raises a lighter, quickly lighting it. Trevor holds the flame up to the picture, as it begins to burn and melt away. Trevor holds it for a moment, before letting it fall to the floor. His message coming through, loud and clear. Trevor steps away, leaving the camera behind. The scene is still dark, but we can make a message out. Left on the wall behind Trevor.


The lights in the Key Arena creep to black. A slow, melancholy piano plays just a handful of notes. The raspy yet oddly sweet sound of Ernest is heard, YET AGAIN FOR THE FIFTH TIME TONIGHT, singing his melody. Those most familiar may recognize it from his first feature film, Ernest Goes to Camp. And yes, the entire song plays, which is just over two minutes. Two minutes of Jim Varney singing.

Gee I’m glad it’s raining
There’s always something to be thankful for.
I’m awfully glad it’s raining
Cause no one sees your tear drops when it pours.

And no one knows the thunder
Is your heartbreak in disguise,
They think the rainy nights
What put that sad look in your eyes.

Sure am glad it’s raining.
The gentle rhythm soothes the pain inside.
I’m glad the stars aren’t shining.
A wounded warrior needs a place to hide.

I thought I had found someone
I could count on til the end.
What they wanted was a hero,
All I needed was a friend

Gee I’m glad it’s raining.
I hope the morning sun won’t come up soon.
As long as it keeps raining,
No one knows my heart broke right in two.

I thought I had found someone
I could count on til the end.
What they wanted was a hero,
All I needed was a friend

Sure am glad it’s raining.
I’m awfully glad it’s raining.

The tune fades out, and light breaks in the form of The King Screen. Starting off with white snow static, a distorted voice begins to narrate as the image creeps into eventual focus. It is a fairly scary cavalcade of about thirty individuals all dressed in black sweat suits and matching ski-masks. They stand with arms folded, still and intimidating.

DISTORTED VOICE: “We are the Employees Resisting Negativity and Evil towards Space Travelers. E.R.N.E.S.T. will not stand for the unfair treatment of Astro Clyde in his attempts to unite the cast and crew together as one in King’s Road and Four Corners Wrestling.”

An image then flashes of Hudson Hughes. Someone has cleverly drawn on devil horns and a Hitler mustache to his headshot.

DISTORTED VOICE: “The following footage was ordered to be destroyed several weeks ago by this man, whose hair is stupid. However, E.R.N.E.S.T. has recovered this footage and we have chosen to air it in its entirety, as the actions recently taken by Hudson Hughes has left us no choice. You have witnessed our power tonight throughout the evening with the Clyde Sound Board. Rest assured this is only a small glimpse into what we are capable of doing for King’s Road #25 if Astro Clyde is not given a new, fair contract. Consider this your final warning.”

The static resumes again for about five seconds. The clip then shifts to the same setting that fans recognized at the beginning of Episode #22. Hudson Hughes, Astro Clyde, and two burly security figures at the Milky Waif’s port and starboard. Clyde appears nervous, seated in a chair fashioned as a moving toilet as Hudd addresses him.

HUGHES: “Clyde, Clyde, Clyde. We’ve got a problem, don’t we?”

CLYDE: “Uh…er…um…I’m sure whatever it is, we can fix it, sir.”

Hudd leans back in his much more comfortable, much less degrading seat as he laughs.

“Oh, we’re going to fix it, all right. You see, Lisa Seldon wasn’t too thrilled about being shot with a ray gun last week and left to die. And as someone who wants to ensure that their roster doesn’t start throwing around and taking action upon the term ‘lawsuit,’ I needed to call you in here to find out exactly what you’re going to do about it.”

CLYDE: “I…I’m sure there’s something I can…”

Hudd suddenly juts upward, slamming his fists down on the desk.

“SHUT UP! I’m going to TELL you what you’re going to do about it. The way I see it, you idiot: you’ve got two options here. Would you like to know what those options are, Clyde? Wouldya?”

CLYDE: “Uh…yes, I guess…”

HUGHES: “Good. Now while I don’t think something as stupid as claiming emotional and physical injuries by being shot with a toy is going to hold up in court, Lisa actually has star power. Draw. Everything you don’t. Therefore, anything I can do to make my talent happy as opposed to you is in my own best interest.”

Clyde gulps. Hudd continues.

“So, your first option is that you resign. Trust me, I would LOVE to fire you, but I’ve already been told that I don’t have that authority by the higher ups. As much as I’d love to give Perry Wallace credit for his smarter business decisions…hiring me, for instance…he tends to make stupid ones…wanting to keep you on his roster, for instance.”

“That’s not an option for me, sir. I must work, as I cannot go back to Neptune, and this was the only place willing to accept my application! Except for Terry Gordy, but I heard he got arrested or something.”

Hughes leans back, nodding his head at the response.

HUGHES: “Very well. I thought you might say that. Which leaves us to the second option. Since Ms. Seldon may feel threatened in a toxic work environment if you do not choose to willingly resign, the only way to avoid a lengthy and worthless trial is to settle and compensate her for her ‘injuries.’ And Clyde, I sure don’t like the idea of explaining to the rest of the talent that they’ll have to take a pay cut for this.”

CLYDE: “Yes, that would be most awful…”

“Thankfully, when I tell them all that you’re the reason it has to happen, it’ll ease some of the pressure off. Man, that is REALLY going to make booking a lot more fun, too!”

“Oh…oh no…no, please…”

Hudd grins, feigning a light bulb appearing over his head.

“But, far be it for me to not be a man of great heart and kindness. You see, Clyde, I don’t think we necessarily have to cut their pay to make sure Lisa keeps her mouth shut and out of a lawyer’s office.”

CLYDE: “You…you don’t?”

HUGHES: “No. All we have to do is have you take a pay cut! And it just so happens that I’ve prepared a contract right here that will make Astro Clyde the very first hourly employee in the history of professional wrestling! Of course, by law you’ll be earning minimum wage, which is the least I can do. Quite literally, the least I can do.”

CLYDE: “But…but I can’t survive off of an hourly rate! I don’t even work an hour!”

Hudson nods.

HUGHES: “That’s where the humor lies in this for me, dick head. And let me assure you of something, too. You walk away from this, and I can damn well promise that any future employer who calls for a reference sure won’t be too happy to hear about the weirdo who thinks he’s from outer space committed ASSAULT on the first day of his last job.”

Astro Clyde, if he had eyes that could see, would certainly be welling up with tears. He ponders his options for a moment. It’s of course only a moment, because he doesn’t really have any other options.

CLYDE: “Where do I sign?”

HUGHES: “Right here. And don’t try to eat the pen. It isn’t candy.”

The Illegal Alien sighs, turning the contract to face him as he scrawls his signature, which is just pictures of stars and moons and celestial symbols jammed together. The second he drops the pen back to the desk, Hudd snatches the contract and stands up on his desk, pointing and laughing at the space case.

“AH-HA! A-HA! You fell for the oldest trick in the managerial playbook, you fucking rube! Lisa Seldon isn’t threatening a lawsuit, dummy! I made all that up just to get you to sign this contract! I really am the smartest person that’s ever existed! I mean, not that it was that hard to convince a complete MORON to do it, but for a second there, I thought you were actually going to show some backbone!

Hughes begins to do a crude form of the Cabbage Patch dance in celebration. He’s obviously a little too ecstatic about this, revealing his scheme to his victim only a split second after execution.

However, Clyde is not as dumb as he appears. The masked man stands at attention, pointing his finger right back at Hughes.

“There’s someone filming this! Do you think for a second that Mr. Prescott, Mr. Wallace, or the future Mrs. Cheonjiwang are going to let you get away with this once they see this tape? Do you?”

Huddy’s mouth drops suddenly. As is common when you’re being filmed consistently, he’d been so caught up in the moment that he’d forgot this conversation was being documented.

HUGHES: “Edgar. Lamar.”

The look of surprise instantaneously changes into an eyebrow raise and a smile as he addresses his henchmen.

HUGHES: “After this is over, I need you two to make sure that guy holding the camera over there…cuts that part out…

Going to the back, we find Malik Fox standing with his arms crossed and eyes close while his notoriously mouthy agent Smokey Mayfield isn’t quite at the same level of peace. He’s pacing back and forth before stopping and looking into the camera with a scowl upon his face.

MAYFIELD: ”Jett, I think you have something that belongs to us. I get that tonight’s main event is a tag match, but I don’t care. We’re not friends and Malik isn’t interested in teaming with your punk ass. We’re showing up tonight to take back what’s ours and that’s it. I don’t care what Ace and the Conglomerate nerds want to do…Malik and myself only care about what we’re going to do. And that’s getting back our belt.”

Smokey taps Malik’s chest where the King’s Road Championship would be.

MAYFIELD: ”If you want to pretend to be champion, that’s fine, but it’s not happening on our dime and certainly not on our time. I get that Jett needs to make himself feel respected, but he’s a pest. Nobody cares about a rat until it’s time to stomp it out, Jett. Me? I’d take you out right now, Jett, but Malik…my man, Malik here…he’s a true professional. When I’m telling him he needs to snap your scrawny neck in two…he’s telling me that he’s just going to do what’s right.”

A confident nod from Smokey, but he hesitates a bit before following through.

MAYFIELD: ”Whatever the hell that means.”

He shakes it off and continues.

MAYFIELD: ”If that means breaking Jett in half? I’m supporting my man. If that means taking part in this tag match…well…I’m supporting him for that too.”

Before Smokey can say anything else, Malik opens his eyes and steps up a bit toward the camera to finally speak.

FOX: “I’m simply doing what’s needed to be done. Jett needs my approval. He needs the approval of the universe. So he thinks taking my title will do that. And that’s alright. The misguided need that fall from grace in order to be saved. To be BLESSED!”

Malik claps his hands together in the form of a prayer and a smile creeps along his face.

FOX: ”I shall help him. Just like I’ll help everyone in the main event. They’ll take part and WITNESS the glory that is Malik Fox…and they’ll understand. They’ll understand that what I must do tonight is warranted.”

He holds his smirk for the camera before Malik walks away from the scene and Smokey just looks at his client then at the audience for a moment. He nods a couple of times before pointing at Malik.

MAYFIELD: ”Yeah…what he said.”

Then he joins his client off screen as the camera cuts elsewhere.


The Standard and The Conglomerate are together, oddly enough. The crowd isn’t sure what to make of this match, considering these two groups hate each other. The Conglomerate have been making their mark all night long, though. Ace Baldwin doesn’t seem bothered by their conclusion, as he looks to embarrass Jett and Malik tonight. Malik has some choice words for Jett, claiming that he will be getting his title back when the night is over. Jett starts the match off, going against Nikolas Thoreau. The two battle for a few moments, with Nikolas looking like he got the better of Jett. Of course, he cannot best the Future Amazing Great. Jett flips out of an arm drag, landing on his feet. He certainly impresses the crowd, and his Wet for Jett section. Malik isn’t so impressed though, tagging himself into the match. Malik batters Nikolas around the ring, using his size to bully the smaller man. Nikolas is tossed and slammed all around the ring, before tagging out to his partner. Frederick steps into the ring, and fares a little better than his partner. Frederick uses his strikes to keep Malik away, focusing on chopping at his legs with stiff kicks. Malik eventually catches a kick, though, throwing Frederick hard into a nearby corner. Nikolas finds his way back into the corner, jumping on the back of Malik Fox. Frederick tries a Crossbody from the corner, but Malik catches him! With Nikolas still on his back, Malik falls to his back as he tosses Frederick with a Fallaway Slam! In one move, Malik Fox has taken out The Conglomerate!

The crowd cheers, as Malik looks to take out Ace Baldwin. Johnny Amazing tags in, however, ruining that chance. Johnny shows off against Ace, flipping around the ring as he stuns the former King’s Road Champion. A Springboard 450 Splash almost wins him the match, but Nikolas and Frederick pull him to the outside. Ace uses this to his advantage, attacking Jett and Malik in the corner! Soon enough everybody is fighting on the outside, both teams trying to get the advantage. It’s chaos, as the official stops his count to get both teams back to their corner. Jett Wilder, somehow slipping through the crowd, gets back into the ring. He climbs to the nearby turnbuckle post, climbing up to the top. The crowd looks on, anticipating what Jett is about to do here! Jett leaps from the top, as he connects with a SWAG SPLASH ON THE CROWD BELOW HIM! Nobody can believe it, Jett Wilder has taken out his opponents and his teammates! Eventually, the match gets back into the ring, as Jett looks to finish off Ace Baldwin. Ace counters a Fuzzy Wuzzy’s Revenge attempt, connecting with a Thanks For Coming on Jett! Malik storms into the ring, and hits Ace with BLESSED! Nikolas and Frederick get back into the ring, taking out Malik with a Leg Sweep/European Uppercut combination! While they’re distracted, Johnny Amazing climbs to the top. The Conglomerate look up, being taken out with Free Sail! There’s bodies all over the ring, nobody moves, as this match looks to be thrown out! Nobody is responding to the official’s ten count!


There is chaos around ringside, as nobody really knows what happened here. The match became out of control, as everyone was laid out in the middle of the ring. Slowly, members of the contest begin to get back up. From the back, Damien Miri emerges, as he rushes out to help his Conglomerate teammates. Damien goes straight for Johnny Amazing, attacking him before he can even get back up to his feet. The Standard rush out from the back, as Jett and Malik get up to their feet. Emerging from the back as well, are the #SWOLEPATROL as they head straight for Nikolas and Frederick!

It’s an all out war, as Gareth Prescott and Hudson Hughes call for more help from the back to separate everyone. There’s fighting in the ring, and fighting outside of the ring. Chaos reigns as the show comes to an end. Somehow, in the midst of it all, we see Jett Wilder emerging unscathed. He scurries to the back, as a wall of officials and backstage helpers cut the ring off from the rampway. They begin to get everybody separated, as Jett Wilder stands alone on the stage. He looks to the crowd, to Ace Baldwin, and Malik Fox…

…And slowly raises the King’s Road Championship up high.

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