KING’S ROAD C25 (163)

Our picture opens to an explosion of pyro from the entrance stage as a clear shot looking down the entrance ramp comes into full focus. “Fox on the Run” plays throughout the T-Mobile Arena, as we are live from Las Vegas, Nevada. The fans here have filled out the T-Mobile Arena, desperate for some entertaining wrestling in this city. They chant, and cheer, for a while as a camera catches different signs throughout the audience. You already know what this bit is, by now.





Slowly, the camera creeps down the entrance ramp, looking from left to right at the crowd in attendance and zooming in to various signs held throughout the packed crowd. Down at the announcers’ booth, Steve Johnson and Vinny Vassa wait patiently before being given their queue to kick things off.

JOHNSON: ”We’ve done it! Twenty-five shows, welcome everyone to King’s Road! Tonight will certainly be one to remember, we’ve hit twenty-five shows now!”

VASSA: ”Not only that, but it feels like a culmination of a lot of things happening in King’s Road lately. I feel like a lot of stories are getting wrapped up tonight, and we’ll be moving onto greater things after tonight.”

JOHNSON: ”Well, you want to talk about stories, how about this King’s Road Championship? Three men, all trying to become the King’s Road Champion. Jett Wilder, of course, had stolen the title several weeks ago. Will tonight be the night that Malik Fox gets it back?”

VASSA: ”He might, but Ace Baldwin is looking to become King’s Road Champion once again. That ain’t the only title match tonight, Steve!”

JOHNSON: ”You’re right, we’re crowning a NEW King’s Road Internet Champion tonight. Weeks after the last champion was stripped, we’re going to be getting a new champion here tonight.”

VASSA: ”There’s certainly some controversy with the way Cartier was stripped, but as champion you really need to represent the company you work for in a certain manner.”

JOHNSON: ”Cartier will certainly have something to say about that new champion, of course if she gets through Hudson Hughes.”

VASSA: ”Indeed. Tons of other matches here tonight though, we’re going to have a number one contender to the King’s Road Championship as well.”

JOHNSON: ”Emevlas Stastias has been a thorn in the side of Kaelan Laughlin, now tonight they step into the ring. You have to think that Kaelan is out for blood.”

VASSA: ”Mevy pepper sprayed Kaelan Laughlin just a few shows again. I can guarantee you that Kaelan is going to murder her.”

JOHNSON: ”Speaking of murder, Lisa Seldon squares off with Trevor Miller in a Loser Leaves Town Deathmatch!”

VASSA: ”Well, we can only hope it’s the metaphorical kind of murder. I don’t think King’s Road needs that kind of bad publicity on their hands right now-”

Before Vinny can finish, he’s cut off by the sound of the PA System coming to life. The camera quickly switches to the ramp, as somebody is coming down to the ring.

“I’m feelin’ like fuck you
I’m a new york baby, i’m a new york baby
I’m a new york baby, i’m a new york baby.”

As “NY Baby” by Marlon Craft plays through the speaker the video package that plays on the tron screens immediately give notice…and Las Vegas loses its absolute mind!! Highlights of him teaming with Jair against Jeb and Cosmo. A few moments in his time at Bad Company. Highlights of him and Jair Hopkins walking on stage together getting the crowd hype. The tron transitions to a black/white NY Yankees fitted that the camera zooms in on the tron before a transition to a head bowed with the same color fitted on. The head nods up on revealing it to be Jefe himself, Jason Mentez, with a huge smile on his face. The crowd getting their confirmation gets even louder giving him a nice reception as he walks down the ramp slapping fives and giving daps to people.

Reaching ringside Jason takes a minute and stands there taking it all in breathing in and exhaling looking around the T-Mobile Arena with all the fans. He tips up his fitted and climbs up up to the apron getting into the ring and bobs his head to the music. The King’s Road fans continue to cheer as he walks toward the other side of the ring to be given a microphone. After getting the cue Jason slowly brings the mic up waiting for the cheers to calm.

MENTEZ: “Sup bitches?”

He pauses with the reactions from Vegas.

MENTEZ: “Yeah I know I know, what took my ass so fuckin long rite? Aight aight hit me wit it I know. I’m sorry. Lo siento. No worries doe, the real here. I got you. King’s Road!! Aint dis some shit? It’s been a long time since I felt dis kinda excitement. Dat tingling shit, no sick dick. I’m not here for the same intro bullshit doe. You know me n if you don’t you will. Can’t guarantee yall shit but Jefe n from dere we’ll see what it be. Now we got Cartier on one hand. I don’t even like Hughes fucking zafacón ass but I hope he work her better than a vato on a 20 hrs a week job. Straight ‘may I take your order’ looking ass. I’ma enjoy dat. Den there’s the other one. The saramanbiche dat tried to set me the fuck up in Colorado, in the middle of a college campus, and around angry white folks for a deathfight. No really yo, Bloodsport to the end. All in the name of pussy. A pussy he aint never touching. It’s hard out here for a bitchnigga. World fulla wrestling sluts, still can’t see action. Professional wrestling fulla bitches that hop dicks betta than hurdles, hurting hard to impress one aint even checkin for him. One of you escorts in the crowd throw him a hole. I know you out there, it’s Vegas. Any hole really. He need help…Fuck lend him yo ear one ti—”

Immigraniada by Gogol Bordello plays over the PA system as Darryl steps out onto the stage, wearing a pair of blue jeans and a ripped up tshirt. He’s clearly drunk, and puts the microphone to his mouth.

WALKER: “Listen, here ‘jefe’ take your Angel from Rent ass somewhere else with the same bullshit you keep spewing. Your non reading ass clearly don’t recall where I said I’d make the same comment if it were anyone. One drunk kiss and an even drunker tweet doesn’t a desire make. You keep trying to put my ass on the spot wanting an immediate place when I don’t have a caravan to throw down at rn, I also offered an alley, but hey, you so stuck on logistics, you gonna turn that down too because the stench too distracting? You’re just a dumb baby bitch, you don’t throw down, you just work for other people. They tell you to wrestle and you say ‘yes massa’”

Darryl sways, his adrenaline starting to override the drunkenness a little. Jason looks at him and gestures his thumb toward him the camera’s catching him saying “dis nigga serious?” before bringing the mic up.

MENTEZ: “Hold up doe, just one question first.”

Jason moves forward a bit to make sure he’s in Darryl’s full sight.

MENTEZ: “How many fingers am I holding up?”

Jason starts blinking numbers in his face. 4-5-1-1-3-2-5-1—

MENTEZ: “I hope you aint drive here. Shit’s dangerous trust me I know.”

Jason knocks on his own head a couple times.

MENTEZ: “Gotta be hardheaded to survive. Soft fucks like you just bleed out. N what the folly fuck is a Angel from Rent? Sounds like some Lifetime shit n I only watch dat when wifey put it on so she busy while I rub her ass. Hit her wit the sneak slide if she naked. So I don’t really be watching it I be watchin the booty. You say you’d make the same comment about anyone. Where was your cape for Kae den? Cause dats an actual situation. I aint see you den Captain Morgan. You let all your powers combine for Cartier doe. Where were you den Captain Planet? You a fuckin Takeoff in the worst way. Stay left off the hits. N as far as the drink it knocks down the filter sooo you making dem ‘you still up’ headass tweets dat was better for a text pretty much tellin on yourself. You offered an administration building tipo. A whole campus like dats some smart shit. It let me know you had and still have no idea what you doing. Even rite now NO idea what you doing. I’m not going to jail for you man. Dats dat bullshit. Den you coming up here smelling like whole dead body dats been in a mobile home under lock n key in over 100 degree heat, no air…since you brought up stench.”

Jason backs up waving his hand in front of his face trying for some clearer air.

MENTEZ: “I throw down when it benefits me. The fuck do a sentence benefit me at? Tell me dat. Let me get you straight since you don’t see America rn.”

Jason points to himself first.

MENTEZ: “Brown man.”

Points to Darryl.

MENTEZ: “White man. AKA…kill the Mexican, even doe I’m fucking Puerto Rican but yall know how yall is. Vegas know what I’m sayin. Save the white male from the illegal immigrant. You don’t understand Darryl. Maybe you didn’t hear the reception I got just coming out here. Dey know dey getting a show when they see me. Dey also know dey getting a real scrap when dey see me. You stand–shit barely standing in dis ring rite now prob the most attention you’ve gotten since ever. Stop. Para. Ahora. Every single person in dis building under contract wit the company is working for others dumbshit. You think dese people came in for free or nah? What you mad dey asking me to wrestle n not you? Damn rite I’ma wrestle it’s what I do. N I get paid well for it. Why not come back to it in the rite place n hand some L’s out? I could sit here n go the back forths but I’m more about the bag. I don’t get a bag out there in the midst of fedland Colorado. Feds own a whole third of dat goddamn landscape. Como amarrar los perros con longaniza. Think. For fucking once Darryl. Been wrestling for 8,000 years wit a remainder of 4 n shit, still more dense den a pair of big titties. Look at you rite now. Wobbling like you got dem Ali shakes. Know dat shit kill you rite? He lasted out but was the GOAT, you a gimp.”

Darryl forces out a deep chuckle that sounded more like a failing engine than a laugh.

WALKER: “Still more words than substance, where was I when it was happening to Kae? Let’s see, your mom was all up on that one. She handled that and then some, and I openly admitted and said numerous times that what Boston was doing was shitty as fuck, and deserved punishment, but that it still was only half as creepy as a preppy, cum dump requesting a female talent take a piss test in his hotel room with no context beyond, come to my room. As for the administration building, you still stuck on one phrase you completely black out the fact I said, we can do it in an alley, an empty parking garage at midnight, 2 am, I said you can pick the venue and time that benefits you best that you’re most familiar with if you want because I don’t give a fuck where or when it goes down. But you want corporate to set things up for you. You want that paycheck, cuz you’re a hard man. You’re gonna fight and threaten to throw hands till someone responds and offers back, then you gotta have bosses and contracts. You can’t just bring it. You gotta have sanctioning because you’re scared.”

Darryl’s eyes narrow and he is clearly more focused, the adrenaline taking over. Jason smirks at his words.

MENTEZ: “I fear no man on this earth n even God himself. The venue…”

Jason looks around.

MENTEZ: “Seems as fitting as any. Here’s the thing, I’ll beat yo ass but you talkin about a guy who’s barely slipped the law twice. I can do it in a alley. I can do it in a garbage can for all I give a goddamn. No me importa. For me, the question is will a bitch look to snitch when all said n done? You already shown too much bitch for me to not think about getting a bit wit it so yes a bag is somethin I’d need to see from it. Stuck on phrase one…yeah because who the FUCK says dat as dey first thought? Either a vato dat don’t know what he doing or a dumb vato dat don’t know what he doing. You covering both. Think I’ma have you hold the reins after dat? Relajo. You aint even worth the time. You want someone to end you rite? Dat was you screaming kill me so Cartier would love me rite? Simpin lookin ass. I don’t need bosses. I’m Jefe. I don’t need contracts. Got longdick money. I enjoy dis life. I love it. I enjoy taking the will out another mafucka n getting paid for it. Sue me I guess but lets set it up rite.”

Jason moves toward the edge of the ring closest to the ramp.

MENTEZ: “If you want me to beat Darryl Walker senseless in an unsanctioned match so I put him on dat pass due retirement n secure the bag lemme hear a YEEEEERRR!!”


MENTEZ: “Yo Gareth, permíteme sacar la basura por ti. Let me start with a bang out here.”

Jason looks over at Darryl who’s since entering the ring has more control of himself but still drunk. Jason just smirks shaking his head dropping the mic lightly before hopping out the ring. He turns around while walking up the ramp looking at Darryl and basically hits that ‘Conceited’ head shake before turning his back and slapping a few hands on his way to the back.

Ana Valentine sits on the bench in her locker room backstage, lifting her left hand she traces her fingers over the tape on her right hand, her vision concentrating on the lines of tape for a moment before she looks up and lets out a sigh. Pushing her feet out to relax a little on the bench she lets out a sigh, turning her head to address someone off camera.

VALENTINE: “I’ve been waiting for this for weeks now and now that it’s here, I’m actually feeling the nerves kick in.”

? ? ?: “Trust me when I say that everything is goin’ to work out for the best.”

Walking into the picture a familiar face appears, one that will more than likely get Gareth or Hudson in trouble, but that’s their problem. That face belonged to no one other than Tommy Knox. Stepping in behind he, he began to rub her shoulders to calm her nerves.

KNOX: “I mean, I’ve been waitin’ for just over two years and look how things have turned out. Tommy got in, and Ana is going to do just fine tonight in that ring. You got this, baby.”

She chuckles softly, leaning back into his touch and letting her eyes half close.

VALENTINE: “Slightly different scenarios there, although my stubbornness may actually be a slightly tougher opponent than Jae and that’s saying something… I know he’s been trying to get me to bite since this match was announced, but where would that have gotten me anyway?”

A small frown forms between her brows as she sighs.

VALENTINE: “This is a no win situation, I go out there and I win? And it’s down to experience, he’s new he hasn’t had years in the ring like I have, most people won’t bat an eye. I lose? Oh Ana still has ring rust, she doesn’t have it anymore.. blah blah blah, I’m almost positive no matter what I do tonight someone will have something negative to say and it irritates me that I even care.”

The room goes silent for a short moment as Ana waits for a response. He thinks over her words in his head. The main objective was to go out there and win, although she did have a point.

KNOX: “I wouldn’t worry too much if I were in your shoes. There’s always goin’ to be someone who has something to say regardless of the outcome. All you can do is go out there and put the Chinaman down. You’ve been doin’ this for a long time. You know how this business can be. I’m sure you’ve faced and beaten many opponents more experienced than him, or her, whatever the hell it is. The point is, don’t let the match in your head overshadow the one in the ring.”

She chuckles again, opening her eyes to look back at him with a slight shake of her head.

VALENTINE: “Sometimes I’d love to be in your head for a few minutes to see how it works… and HE is someone I’ve been taking seriously, but it doesn’t deter me. The ultimate goal is to win, but more important I want to show that I haven’t missed a step. Go back to a couple of years ago and I was at the top of any company I worked at, now I’m starting back at the bottom and I have no problem proving myself.”

She looks back down at her taped hands, making fists and then releasing with a slight nod.

VALENTINE: “I’m ready for this… Things are finally falling into place and yeah, yeah I know what you’re gonna say. I should have done this, us, years ago and you’re probably right but that same stubborn streak is what’s going to work to my advantage in the ring tonight… I’ve never known when to say die and I have no intention of doing that tonight.”

KNOX: “Two years and worth every minute so far.”

He leans his head down beside hers, softly speaking into her ear.

KNOX: “If you want to have some fun and get him upset out there, just mention that the whole continent of Asia loves me more than her. Works every single time. Now go show off your stuff and set the bar high for tonight’s show, mami. These folks already have a dreadful main event ahead of them so give them something to remember this show by.”

She playfully digs her elbow back into his ribs with an exasperated sigh that turns into a laugh.

VALENTINE: “Your mouth is going to get us both in trouble, I can already tell.”

Turning her head quickly she kisses his cheek with a smile.

VALENTINE: “Luckily for you, you’re worth it.”

KNOX: “You already know what this mouth can do but we can’t talk about that because this is a family oriented television show and I am a family man. Plus I don’t want to make one of the main eventers cry. I’ll try my best not to get into any trouble but I can’t make any promises. And hey, you’re not so bad yourself, Ana. Go make me proud.”

And that was it. The only thing left to do was go go out there for her first match in 4CW and make a statement from the beginning. She stood to her feet, taking him by the hand and pulling him along as they headed towards the door. Being the swell gentleman that he was, he followed behind a step or two, ladies first and all that jazz while never once looking away from her hips as they traveled from left to right. Why wouldn’t he? Tommy finally got in!


It was a big fight feel the second these two made their entrances and the fans let them know with their combative chants of “Let’s-Go-Jae-Yun-Val-en-tine” almost sounding as if it were one. Upon locking up an arm wrench was easily escaped through the smooth technical skills of Ana, but only for seconds as her wrist lock was also easily manipulated by Jae and left the two staring at one another in the middle of the ring. This was the story for the beginning of this bout, one of them would perform a technically sound and classic professional wrestling match displaying nothing but respect and the other would find their way out. Wrist locks, head locks, and even an exchange of one count pin attempts. Fortunately for Jae his usual lack of size wouldn’t come into play tonight as his opponent was of a slighter frame and he was able to also power out of a select few attempts. The two would lock up and we’d start to see a bit more action as Jae threw Ana off the ropes and anticipated her return, but she’d slide under his legs and trip him up immediately applying her forearm to the back of his head and mushing him against the canvas. The referee put a stop to this and the pleasantries were done. Ana thought they were going to lock up again, but Jae instead hit her with a quick kick to the knee that was followed up by another before he tried to hit a quick powerbomb, but Ana would try to turn it into a hurricanrana BUT Jae rolled through and was on the ropes rebounding quickly with a dropkick that put Ana outside the ring. She wouldn’t be alone for long as Jae followed her out over the top rope with a sunset flip landing on his feet. He took a second to pose with the females going NUTS in the front row, but quickly went back to Ana rolling her into the ring for a two count!

Jae lifted Ana by her hair, but she’d come to her senses enough to to grab his hair and deliver a jawbreaker before popping back up and delivering a leg lariat for a two count of her own. Ana tried again to mash the face of Jae using her forearm and he escaped to the outside making sure to tell the referee that he needs that face and the women in the front row agree and boo Valentine. She wouldn’t mind because as he was all but ready to sign autographs Ana launched herself from the apron on top of Jae and while he was on the floor outside she stepped on his hair and pulled at his arms nearly ripping his golden locks from the scalp. The front row again were unhappy and yelling at Ana, who didn’t take too kindly to a couple remarks and would get distracted enough for Jae to kip up and use the barrier to hit an enziguri! Ana stumbled towards the apron and got into the ring, Jae followed uniquely entering the ring with a springboard from the apron to the middle rope before leaping off and hitting a ddt for another near fall!

Jae stalked Ana waiting for her to get up and she ate her fair share of kicks that backed her into the corner where the barrage was unleashed and she’d fall to a seated spot as Jae pumped up the crowd. He charged in looking for his patented SUCCUMB running corner knee but Ana ducked! She twisted his arm and hopped to the top rope before leaping off with a chop! She went off the ropes with quickness and stuck a knee to the midsection before hitting the CUPID’S KISS fameasser finish! Planting Jae face first into the mat!

Jae kicks out! Ana swears that was three and as she argues with the referee we see Jae look up and notice the blood trickling from his lip. He notices it as well and wipes it away, before leaping to his feet and meeting Ana with a spinning backfist followed by a combination of kicks. She tried to block as many as possible, but they finally did the damage and he briskly suplexed her to the mat before hitting a double foot stomp to her mid section. Jae lets the fans he loves them as he waits for Ana to get to a seated position and he charges her looking for another knee but she rolls through and gets to her feet and Jae eats an forearm and staggered before giving her one of his own! Ana staggers – SILENCE ! Jae Strikes Ana in the throat and she falls back into the corner gasping for air. SUCCUMB!!! He hits the massive knee as Ana tried to catch a breath! Jae quickly tries for the cover!

Ana kicks out! Jae can’t believe it! Jae drags her to the corner again and tells her she’s going to bleed like he i-OH! Ana grabs a hold of his hair and pulls him into the turnbuckle face first! Ana saw the opportunity and scaled the corner DIAMOND DUST! SHE HELD ON!! CUPID’S WINGS! The Horns of Aries submission is locked in and Ana is screaming out as she pulls on the head of Jae Yun, but he refuses to give! SILENCE! Jae chopped Ana’s throat! She’s rolling around on the mat after ANOTHER strike to her throat and Jae Yun locks in a reverse sleeper and wraps his legs around her midsection! With no options, and no way of getting out, it looks to be the end for Ana Valentine. Her last bit of energy goes into pushing backwards, using her feet to drive her upper body towards the mat. Jae-Yun, too busy focused with getting Ana to tap out, doesn’t realize he’s being pinned! It’s only until the ref slaps the canvas for the third time, that he breaks from his focus! Ana Valentine barely wins this one!

WINNER: Ana Valentine via Pinfall (19:47)


The match kicked off when Jay and Gregg were discussing their differing opinions of the stables they’re a part of and Noris and Zeel were enjoying watching them yell and shove one another. Noris slapped Zeel on the back kind of hard and Zeel wasn’t a fan and slapped Noris kind of hard on his back as their laughs were now fake and they were just trying to one up each other with back slaps until Gregg shoved Jay into Zeel and he collided with Noris. Jay launched himself and Gregg and the two paired off with strikes. Noris was annoyed that Zeel fell into him and Zeel was trying to explain that those two were at fault. Zeel and Noris watches as Jay Gallagher clotheslined Gregg over the top rope and followed it up with a suicide dive landing on his feet. Noris and Zeel were shaking their heads and mocking Jay’s unimpressive attack. Noris told Zeel to hold there and he took off for the ropes as Jay was picking up Gregg and Noris hopped to the top of the ringpost and lept off with a moonsault taking out Jay and Gregg and the fans were pumped – Zeel wasn’t impressed. Noris looked into the ring and dared Zeel to top it. Noris even went as far as picking up Greg and Jay and Zeel flew through the air with a springboard corkscrew plancha landing on his feet the fans are eating up the anything you can do I can do better. Noris and Zeel get back into the ring again and they bounce off the ropes at full speed looking for simultaneous dives now but Gregg and Jay meet them at the ropes with forearms. Jay hits a springboard flying knee to Noris as Gregg slides into the ring and hits his inverted DDT THE SNAPBACK! Greg covers Zeel but only for a near fall as Jay breaks it up by pulling Gregg up with a belly to back suplex before dropping him in a JAY BREAKER double knee backbreaker! Jay tries to cover Gregg but Noris hits a double foot stomp to break up the pin before locking in a cobra clutch on on Jay. Zeel corners both of them with a flying forearm and Noris releases the submission before Zeel charges the corner MY BAD lariat and Jay falls leaving Noris in the corner Zeel charges in again MY BA-NO! Uranage from Noris and everyone is down as Noris goes to a knee. He tries to pin each man in the match but they all kick out at two!

Noris climbs the corner again, but before he can do anything Zeel meets him at the top and the two exchange strikes. Now Jay climbs the other side of the ropes and the three of them exchange shots back and forth each of them teetering and nearly falling off the ropes each time. Jay and Zeel make a pact and hook Noris into a double Suplex BUT HERE COMES GREGG. He positions himself underneath all three men, making sure to scream this is for his son, and as they go for a superplex Gregg powerbombs the two MY GOD A SUPER CORNER SPOT! The crowd loves it as all men are on the mat. Gregg scrambles now to pin each one but only gets a two count. Zeel and Noris roll to the outside as Gregg lifts Jay and the two struggle back and forth to get the upper hand before Gregg tries a german suplex and Jay hits a pele kick and sends Gregg into the corner. J-KICK in the corner! Gregg falls to the mat and when Jay tried to pin him Noris and Zeel both pull Jay to the outside and throw him into the steps. They each scramble to get into the ring but when they did the other would drag them right out refusing to let each other go for the pin fall. Zeel took off in a sprint to the other side of the ring and Noris slid and the two of them tried to pin Gregg at the same time and the referee waved it off and let the two argue for a bit before they tried to exchange strikes but each of them would counter or evade the attack but Jay Gallagher flies through the air and Noris pulls Zeel in front of his flying knee and Zeel falls to the outside. Jay tries to recover but it’s a SUPERKICK PARTY for his effort courtesy of Noris, but GREGG IS UP! GERMAN SUPLE-NO! Noris lands on his feet RESET ace crusher to Gregg!



WINNER: Noris Cranley via Pinfall (13:29)


There was nothing pretty about how this match started. Lisa waited in the ring for Trevor to show, only for the lights to go out. Chanting could be heard coming from the locker room, several druids arriving to the stage as smoke billowed out from the back. The crowd wasn’t sure what to make of it, as Trevor Miller slowly emerged from the back. Trevor, his right eye covered with a patch, kept his head low as he made his way towards the ring. Lisa looked on, almost spooked by the entire display being shown. Trevor finally made his way to the ring, after what seemed like almost twenty minutes. When he arrived on the steps, Trevor raised his arms up into the air, and the lights magically came back on. It was certainly something to see, too bad Lisa wasn’t paying much attention. Before Trevor could even settle himself in the ring, Lisa was already breaking a light tube over his head! Glass shattered everywhere, as the bell rang. From there it was a weapons display from both competitors, as Lisa used several light tubes to punish Trevor Miller. Trevor, bleeding already, looked on as Lisa tried to stab out his OTHER EYE WITH A GLASS SHARD! Trevor somehow wrestled the glass piece away from Lisa, attempting to cut her with it! Lisa, getting away from Trevor, found her way underneath the ring. Trevor gave chase, where Lisa was finally caught. Trevor, thinking he had Lisa where he wanted her, pulled her out from under the ring. There, Lisa emerged with Gregg Peake’s GUN! Holding Trevor at gunpoint, Lisa stated that she was tired of this feud. She ordered Trevor to give up, or she would shoot him right there! Trevor looked on, unsure if Lisa really had a working firearm. Trevor asked Lisa where she got the gun from, and Lisa confirmed that it was indeed Gregg’s gun. Trevor immediately tapped out, not wanting to become another crime statistic. THIS FEUD IS OVER FOLKS!!!

WINNER: Lisa Seldon via TKO (06:29)

The scene cuts to the backstage area of the arena. Out of all the people to have a camera on tonight they picked Gabriel Hartman to feature all by himself, scoping the halls more than likely in search of a place to rest his head for the night. Maybe the cameraman was filming a documentary on homeless people for a side project. Who knows why they decided to film Hartman. He stops at a trashcan in front of a men’s bathroom. Yes, he even looked down into it, searching for what was possibly going to be his meal for the evening. Startling him, the door to the bathroom swings open, causing him to jump back. Stepping through the door we find Tommy Knox. He walks over to Hartman and begins wiping his hands on Hartman’s shirt.

KNOX: “Thanks bud, you’re a lifesaver.”

HARTMAN: “Do you mind telling me why you’re wiping your dirty hands on me seconds after leaving the men’s room?!”

Knox laughs at Hartman’s reaction as he finishes rubbing his hands on Hartman’s shirt.

KNOX: “Calm down, Gabe. They’re clean. The bathroom was just out of paper towels and after seein’ ‘made in china’ on the hand dryer I wasn’t havin’ any of that nonsense.”

Hartman slowly nods his head. He doesn’t quite agree with his shirt being used as a towel but can at least respect that he in fact washed his hands after handling his business, or at least was made to believe that.

HARTMAN: “I have to ask. What exactly are you doing here? Last time I checked, you weren’t exactly allowed in 4CW. Perry has made that clear in the past after your last stunt.”

He smiles at Hartman in return, even patting him on the back of the shoulder.

KNOX: “Last I checked, law dog don’t go around here. ”

HARTMAN: “Point taken, but he will eventually find out since there’s a camera here after all.”

KNOX: “I’m just here supportin’ someone. There’s nothin’ wrong with that, now is it?”

HARTMAN: “I suppose not.”

KNOX: “Who Gareth or Hudson decide to sign is on them. That ain’t my problem.”

HARTMAN: “Wait a second, are you saying that you’ve been signed to a contract here in King’s Road, 4CW’s King’s Road.”

KNOX: “Nothin’ gets by you, does it?”

HARTMAN: “This is a little different than what you’re used to wouldn’t you say?”

He takes a step back from Hartman. Cocking his head to the side, he shrugs his shoulders as he responds.

KNOX: “Is it really? I mean it’s no Japan by any means but here we are on a Thursday and the show was originally booked for last night.”

HARTMAN: “Okay, so tell me. If what you say is true and you have signed with King’s Road, what is your reason for being here?”

Bringing his hands together, he rubs them for a short moment before answering.

KNOX: “I needed a change of scenery. There comes a point in every man’s life where he gets tired of carryin’ the weight of a tag team. There’s only so much one member can do before he reaches a point of wanting to do better for himself.I just needed to cut that deadweight away and do things for myself. I needed a fresh breath of air. Take that and add in a few Japanese prisoner of war matches, gettin’ back home has a nice ring to it. And hell, I tried to get a new start since bein’ back and that turned out just like Japan. Had a certain company not gone under in the middle of an event, Lisa Seldon and myself could very well still be stuck in the underworld.”

HARTMAN: “If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly happened between you and Japan. You used to represent that nation, going by the self proclaimed name of Japan’s Native Son.”

KNOX: “No comment. I’ll address that in due time.”

HARTMAN: “Nothing at all?”

KNOX: “I said no comment. Ana already made a statement earlier tonight against the Chinaman.”

HARTMAN: “If you say so. Well, I guess we’ll be seeing each other around?”

KNOX: “That’s a possibility.”

HARTMAN: “Very well. You clean up rather well. I hardly even recognized you at first.”

KNOX: “That’s what happens when you stop hangin’ around shit.”

HARTMAN: “I believe I know exactly wh—”

A voice from off camera cuts Hartman off in mid sentence.

VALENTINE: “You ready, babe?”

That voice belonged to Ana Valentine. Knox looks to Hartman with a grin on his face.

KNOX: “Catch up with you later, Gabe.”

Before Hartman can respond, Knox walks off, joining Ana. The two leave in the opposite direction, leaving Hartman all by himself to dig through the trash as he originally was.


Fans were excited to see the return of Melody Marshall to King’s Road, as she had quickly proven herself in a King’s Road ring during her CWC tenure. Reginald Dampshaw was looking to recover from his losses in the last few weeks, but it didn’t seem like tonight would be his night. He had a strong start, bullying Melody Marshall around the ring for a moment. Pulling hair, face-washing, everything he could do to push Melody around was used. A Forearm caught her early, putting her down onto the mat. Reginald didn’t cover, though, instead using his time to express disgust for the King’s Road audience. It was a classless display from Reginald, and it seemed to backfire for him. Every strike, every display that he showed toward Melody only fueled her as the match went along. It wouldn’t be long before Melody connected with a Roaring Elbow, catching Reginald as he attempted a Clothesline. Reginald found himself staggering back, only to be stopped by a Superkick from Melody. Both strikes landed with authority, stunning Dampshaw for the moment. A Superkick to his right leg caused Dampshaw to fall to his knee, as Melody finished him off with a Shining Wizard. The knee struck flush with Dampshaw’s face, dropping him to the mat for a moment. Melody was not finish, this would only be the beginning of her assault. Dampshaw could not get back up after this, as Melody wouldn’t allow it to happen. He would try, grabbing at the ropes to help pull himself up. Dampshaw soon found himself under a vast array of kicks, and knees on his attempts. Eventually his right leg would become black and blue, swollen due to the damage taken from Melody’s kicks. A Sharp knee to his midsection knocked out his wind, allowing Melody to line him up for a Morning Glory! The Running Knee struck Dampshaw in his back, pushing him forward into the ropes. Like hitting a rubber band, Dampshaw snapped backwards into the middle of the ring. Melody waited, finding the perfect opportunity to lock in a Dragon Sleeperhold! Dampshaw would normally have the size to get out of the attempt, but the damage done earlier would prove to be too much. With no legs to stand on, Dampshaw soon found himself tapping out!

WINNER: Melody Marshall via Submission (08:49)


Before the show opens, television screens across America are blessed with what appears to be an Instagram Live stream straight from the cell phone of none other than 4CW King’s Road star and rightful Internet Champion, the Brooklyn Baller, Cartier.

A litany of comments from adoring fans scrolls up the side as well as a bunch of floating emojis of varying types as Cartier frowns into the horizontal view from her phone. She does not seem pleased.

CARTIER: ”Y’all! I been out in front of this god damn T-Mobile Arena for twenty minutes and the security people be tellin’ me I can’t come in because the show ain’t today it’s tomorrow. What kinda bullshit is that? Yo, peanut head, you know who I am?”

Cartier turns the phone around towards “Peanut Head,” who is apparently a bald, plump, black security guard in front of a side entrance of the arena. He drops his eyes to the ground and holds a hand up to block the view of the camera.

PEANUT HEAD: “Please ma’am, I’m just doing my job, don’t record me…”

CARTIER: “It’s my right! I’m a American citizen and I can record the po-lice any time! You just ain’t want America to see how you trippin’ and how you a Uncle Tom and shit, with yo’ shiny ass bald ass head like you a black Mister Clean! I ain’t about to get no brutality done on me I’m protectin’ myself!”

PEANUT HEAD: “Ma’am, I’m not a cop, I’m just a security guard, please…”

CARTIER: ”Hell nah! Y’all think you can trick a bitch and then shut her down, I ain’t stupid! I ain’t goin’ out like Eric Garner did, wit’ you chokin’ on me and shit! I’m Cartier, fool, I’m a celebrity and shit! Lemme in, I know Hudson in there tryina trick me again!”

Cartier moves to go around the guard but he holds his arm out to the side and blocks her. The phone jostles a bit as she struggles to get by, and a bunch of angry comments scroll up threatening the guard from behind the safety of a keyboard.

~~~I made 400 dollars an hour working from home~~~

CARTIER: ”You best not put your hands on me! I’mma whoop you right here in the streets of Vegas, I don’t give a fuck! You ain’t gang, I’m gang as fuck, you ain’t shit!”

PEANUT HEAD: “Ma’am, please, I don’t want to have to call the police… seriously. It’s not today. It’s tomorrow. No one is tricking you.”

CARTIER: ”Call ‘em then! I ain’t scared! They ain’t gonna do shit!”

Cartier then starts acting a complete fool and dumping the contents of her bag out onto the sidewalk, making sure to show it to her fans. We see a lot of makeup and hair supplies, a bottle of hot sauce, and a Cincinatti Hit Girls jersey. Conspicuously absent is the 4CW Internet Title belt, which she was supposed to hand over during the show tonight.

CARTIER: ”Y’all see I got all my shit right here out in the open, they got nothin’ to arrest me for! I ain’t got no weed, no loosie cigarettes, no evidence of any kind for Twelve to roll up on me and try and fuck me up! An’ I ain’t brought my belts neither because them shits is stayin’ with me! I ain’t lost my title to nobody I’m still the Champion and I don’t give a fuck what anybody say! I don’t give a fuck who win that match later on tonight because they ain’t the real champion anyways. You ain’t no champion unless you beat the champion and ain’t nobody beat me in 4CW yet. They jus’ tryin’ to hold ya girl down because they don’t like when a bitch speak her truth. They tryin’ to cover my mouth up like what’s her fuck and the Supreme Court man. You ain’t gonna Me Too my ass! I’m the Internet Champion of King’s Road! I’m still gonna have my belt and when the time come I’m gonna fight whoever win the fake ass Internet Title and take my shit back 100 percent. Interim ass champion ain’t nobody. My shit’s real. I won my shit. They trippin’, actin’ like missin’ one show mean you can’t be a champion. Bitch please, they ain’t had people defend shit in way longer than that with no problems. Y’all see now why Kanye gone crazy and started wearin’ plastic bottles n’ shit. It’s because this how they treat black people in America. Now lemme in, Milk Dud, I’m gonna whip Hudson ass tonight.”

The security guard formerly known as Peanut Head and now apparently rechristened as Milk Dud continues to step in the way of Cartier, accidentally stepping on some of her belongings.

MILK DUD: “Ma’am… again… please… you can’t come in here today. Come back tomorrow and I’ll let you right in.”

CARTIER: ”Aw hell nah! You seen this disrespectful shit! He stepped all over my jersey! You got my shit all dirty with them cheap ass boots you be wearin’ out here! I’mma sue you! I’mma call the cops because you assaultin’ me and damagin’ my property! How you like that that? Now the tables is turned I bet you scared as fuck they gonna do you like you was hopin’ they was gonna do me but now who got the last laugh! Ha!”

Milk Dud shakes his head and leans down to help gather up Cartier’s things to put them back in her new Yves Saint Laurent bag.

CARTIER: ”Don’t touch my shit! That’s robbery! That’s mines! Get the fuck off, nigga!”

Cartier then starts swatting at Mr. Dud with her bag, battering him about the head and shoulders with the empty tote. He puts his hands over his head to deflect the mostly harmless assault, and the commotion attracts actual police officers who approach Cartier and restrain her from continuing to assail Milk Dud.

COP 1: “That’s enough, stop right now.”


COP 2: “Should I shoot her?”

COP 1: “What? No! Jesus… Miss… MISS! Stop it!”

CARTIER: “Y’all call me a lawyer! Call Jesse Jackson! They gonna do me like they did Sandra Bland!”

COP 2: “Are you SURE I shouldn’t shoot her?”

COP 1: “NO! God damn it! Grab her stuff, let’s just get her away from here before she does something stupid.”


COP 1: “I really need a new job…”

Cartier struggles a bit more with the first officer but eventually stops when she realizes they aren’t actually trying to do anything other than back her off of the security guard. Cop #2 hands her her bag full of her items, making sure to keep his hand on the butt of his gun the entire time just in case, and Cartier walks off down the road to hail a cab, fixing her hair as she pouts into the Live video.

CARTIER: ”Y’all seen them committin’ all that po-lice brutality right here out in the broad day! Like ten people got that shit on camera too so y’all know what to do if I come up dead in a jail cell or some shit tomorrow mornin’. Make a hashtag. Say my name y’all! I’mma go back to my hotel now and call up Perry Wallace dumb ass so he know what the fuck goin’ down on his shows when he ain’t around. This some bullshit for real. Peace out y’all. Watch King’s Road to see me beat that skinny white man ass for tryina rape me in his hotel room.”

Cartier smiles and laughs, then waves into the video and shuts it down.


There was bad blood already between Graham Gosch and Aokigahara, as these two focused on each other as the match started. Mitsu Shimada used this to his advantage, being able to stealth his way into control of the match. Graham and Aoki fought in the middle of the ring, trading Forearm Shots and Right Hands. Mitsu watched on, as Graham pummeled Aoki with a Stiff Right Hand that sent him tumbling out of the ring. Graham became an easy target from there, as Mitsu connected with a Running Knee Strike to his lower back! Mitsu jumped on Aoki as well, beating him down on the outside of the ring. Aoki was kept out of the ring in the beginning of the match, being sent hard into the steel steps by Mitsu Shimada! An impressive tactic, as Aokigahara was ultimately a non-factor as the match continued on. Mitsu, having taken out Aoki, focused back on Graham who was getting back up. Mitsu drilled him with a Right Hook, stunning him long enough to connect with a Stalling Suplex. A Snapmare, followed by a kick to Graham’s back, kept him down long enough for Mitsu to attempt a pinfall. Aoki was finally able to get back into the ring, breaking up the count. Graham fought back, catching Mitsu with a Military Press Slam, and a Spinebuster to Aoki. Aoki, having taken the most of the damage in this match, was the easy target now. Mitsu and Graham spent a few moments exchanging moves with Aoki, wearing him down even further as the match progressed. Aokigahara did his best to get back into the match, but at times it seemed like it was two on one! Still, the crowd stayed behind him no matter what. They chanted his name, keeping his spirits up as the match continued on. Eventually, Mitsu and Graham squared off, neither one wanting to back down and let go of control in this match. Mitsu connected with a Cry Havoc! Slam, planting Graham Gosch in the middle of the ring! It was an impressive move, that certainly put Graham down for the count. However, Aokigahara had been watching, and waiting for his time to strike. Aoki grabbed Mitsu from behind, clobbering him with a hard Lariat from behind. Mitsu was not prepared for this, as Aoki looked to steal this match from him! With Mitsu stunned, Aokigahara tried for To The Lost, but the Backdrop Driver would not hit! Graham would get to his feet, pulling Mitsu down. Aoki turned, receiving a Low Blow from Graham! Aokigahara dropped to his knees, while Mitsu grabbed Graham from behind and rolled him up for a pin!



WINNER: Mitsu Shimada via Pinfall (09:49)


A rematch for two teams, Truck Turner has been in this position against The Conglomerate before. Truck finally won the titles with Vonn Richter, and tonight they hope to keep them as they defend against the former champions. Nikolas looks less than happy to be here, but Frederick is professional as ever with the match starting out. Truck and Nik hurl insults and threats at one another from their corners, Vonn and Jameson tie up at the collar and elbow, putting on a traditional wrestling showcase; Richter’s size versus Jameson’s often underutilized technical acumen. Trading headlocks and wrist locks, the contest begins to tilt in Jameson’s favor when he trips Richter against the ropes, freeing himself from the hold and snapping in a chinlock on the mat. Richter eats a running boot, but quickly bounces back with a Powerslam that shakes the ring. Nikolas and Frederick soon realize that they’re in bigger trouble than they thought. Richter controls the match early on, using his strength to bully Frederick in the corner. Eventually Fred slips through, attacking the legs of Vonn to get him down to the mat. Frederick connects with a Shining Wizard, effectively turning the tide of the match right there. Frederick tries slipping Richter into a Boston Crab. As Richter struggles, he wriggles his legs away from Jameson, and begins to pull himself onto his hands and knees to get away. Jameson has clearly studied his tape, however, and cracks Richter right between the eyes, continuing to slow the pace of the match. Richter tries getting back up again, but Frederick is right there to box his midsection. Peppering his ribs with his hands, Vonn Richter slumps to the mat as Truck looks on. The Conglomerate should know though they can’t keep Vonn Richter down for very long.

While Vonn regains his footing, Jameson is quicker, kicking out his legs from beneath him and laying in a mean forearm to the back of the neck. He hauls Richter into The Conglomerate’s corner, tagging The Natural Nik Thoreau in and trapping both of Richter’s legs split between the ropes nearest the turnbuckle. The defending tag team champs stomp on Richter’s knees before the ref demands the legal tag to be recognized, and Nik picks up where his partner left off. Nik hauls Richter up for a Back Suplex, but Richter lands on his knees and pulls Nik into a Fallaway Slam! Before Nik can exact vengeance for the slam, Richter staggers and tags Truck Turner in, who bounds into the ring like a man possessed, bumping chests with Thoreau despite being nearly half a foot shorter. Truck flexes and Nik sneers, both talking an insurmountable level of shit, and Truck demands he try and knock him down. Nik, his Conglomerate pride challenged, bounds off the ropes for a shoulder block. He hits Truck, who looks like a piece of paper had run into him, flexing and shouting to try again. So, Nik tries again, and Truck still refuses to go down. With much more emphasis, Nik bounds off the ropes and wallops Truck with a stiff Clothesline, finally knocking him down… but Truck catches himself with a bridge, and rises back to his feet, still grinning and shit-talking. Irritated, Nik demands Truck give it a try, who eagerly obliges. This time, Truck bounds off the ropes—

—but Nik goes low, catching Truck with a knee to the midsection. He rains down clubbing blows onto his kneeling opponent, and hauls him up and over his shoulder for his Running Powerslam, the One Hit Wonder! But Truck wriggles free, and hauls Nik up and over his shoulder for his own Powerslam, the End-Around! He smashes Nik against one turnbuckle… then the second… then the third… but as he charges for the fourth, conveniently in the Conglomerate’s corner, Jameson pulls Nik from Truck’s shoulder and over the ropes, and the two partners choke him against the top rope! The ref calls for a break again, and Jameson shoves the gasping Truck onto his back, stepping in as the legal man.

Jameson goes for the easy cover, but Truck kicks out just before two, much to his annoyance. What seems like a gimme of a title defense is going longer than the Conglomerate expected. With Truck trying to rise to his feet, Jameson shows him his own strength, and throws him overhead with a German Suplex!

But Truck just kips up and hits Jameson with his own German!

Who kips up and hits Truck with another German!

Who does the same once again!

Truck roars with righteous fury and power, flexing and oh there it is that didn’t take too long and falls flat on his face.

As the crowd applauds this ludicrous effort from both parties, the Truck and Jameson begin to crawl to their corners, their partners reaching out for their hot tags. It’s Truck who reaches his first to the elation of the crowd, and Vonn launches into the ring just as Jameson tags in Thoreau! Vonn attempts to rush the Conglomerate while he can—

—but Nik catches him in an Inside Cradle!



Three! The Conglomerate have captured the titles—

—but wait, there was no three count! The referee points to Richter’s feet touching the ropes. They were too close to the corner! Richter and Turner are still in this!

Clearly exasperated, Nik lifts Vonn into a Fireman’s Carry, looking to hit the Cardiac Unrest, but Richter reverses as he’s just too big to lift up. It looks like he’ll be going for a Vonn Bomb, as he goes to lift Nikolas up to his feet but before he can, Jameson has pulled his legs out from under him, holding him halfway under the ropes! As a groggy Thoreau stumbles to his feet, he sees the opportunity his partner has afforded him and stomps away at the helpless Richter until the ref separates them, crowd booing and hissing at their reigning champions. Thoreau drags Richter to the center of the ring, signalling the end, and wraps up Richter’s leg with the Natural Lock! Nik torques his opponent’s weakened knee with the Heel Hook, struggling to grapevine his legs with Richter struggling to break free. He tries to push up, but the pain seems too intense… his hand begins to waver over the mat…

… but Richter uses his wily matwork to his advantage, yanking Nik over him and trapping him in a Victory Roll!




—Nik rolls backward, topping Richter with a lateral press!




—Richter forces Nik off of him, but Nik refuses to give him any room to breathe, grabbing Richter’s ankle again to try for his Natural Lock once more…

… but Richter leaps and tags Truck in, and the Mini-Hoss knocks Thoreau’s block off with a stiff Lariat! But he’s not done yet, and props The Natural up on his knees, and begins shooting kick after kick into his chest! He tops his Hardbody Karate off with a Roundhouse, and then signals the end himself, raising a hand high in the air (well, for him anyway).

As Thoreau rises on jelly legs, his clock thoroughly cleaned, Truck GOOZLES him for a Chokeslam! He lifts Nik up, but he struggles free! Truck GOOZLES him again, but Nik breaks free once more! Truck GOOZLES him one more time, but this time tags in Vonn with his free hand!

Truck lifts Thoreau up for his Chokeslam, and almost throws him right through the ring! Truck, knowing how this had ended before with another partner, already sets in motion the events needed to retain his titles. Like a Swole Doctor Strange, Truck runs towards Frederick Jameson, who stands on the apron. Truck tries for a Spear, but Frederick moves out of the way. He lays into Truck with a kick, one that he didn’t see coming. Truck falls forward, slumping out of the ring as Frederick steps into the ring. Richter, however, is waiting, as he connects with a Big Boot that knocks Frederick back out of the ring. With Nikolas still out of it, Richter grabs him and connects with a Vonn Bomb! There’s nobody to break up the pin, as Vonn Richter seals this victory for his team!

WINNER: #Swolepatrol via Pinfall (14:29)

Kaelan Laughlin stands in the guerilla area looking out through the curtain. The fans cheering and yelling can be heard quite well from where the camera is. She’s smiling as she watches the action of King’s Road unfold before looking over at the camera.

LAUGHLIN: “It’s been a long road so far in my time here in King’s Road. I thought I had it all figured out. I went out there and put everything on the line. I thought I became the Number One Contender to the King’s Road World Championship. It only made sense. I’ve climbed the mountain and traveled the world and won a tournament, I was under the banner of a Coalition with HUNDREDS of talented and some not so talented wrestlers and I outshined most to become the United States Champion and represent them all.”

She smirked and shrugged her shoulders

LAUGHLIN: “Of course I did become the most controversial United States Champion when I broke all the rules and took my talent outside of the United States and made it my UK Championship slash United States Championship, but really the moral of this story is no matter where I go? No matter what I do?! I’m turning heads. People know that when I show up I mean business and I’m going to do what I need to do to make it to the top.”

Kaelan let go of the curtain and turned her full body to face the camera. She smoothed her hands down her coat. Her smile fading as she sighed and looks up at the camera.

LAUGHLIN: “Which is exactly what I was on my way doing until Mevy decided that at every turn she was going to screw me over. That she was going to claim that she was the contender and I wasn’t. I’ll be fair and say it is annoying that we both happened to win the match at the exact same time, but I’m not the one who is so insecure that I have to remind everyone that I think I’m the Number One Contender.”

Kaelan laughed under her breath, and shook her head again.

LAUGHLIN: “I’m not the one who is going out of her way to try and push another person down because I can’t stand the thought of for a second anyone thinking I am not as every bit of good as I talk myself up to be. No Mevy. You have gone above and beyond normal human decency to try and push me down. To try and bully me out of my Contendership, and all you’ve managed to do is piss me off. It’s not the red hair, it’s not the fact I’m Irish. I could take your insults all day long, but then? You decided to pepper spray me. Cass Baumer did that and in the weeks that followed? I destroyed her for the CWC United States Championship. You think your fate is going to be any different? It’s not. I’m going to use every single word you’ve said, and every act you’ve done as even more motivation to get to the top of King’s Road. I’m the next King’s Road Champion and everyone knows it. Except you, don’t worry I’ll make sure you get the message when I’m standing above you with my hand raised in victory.”

Kaelan smirked and waved to the camera before taking a moment to soak in the background noise of the fans cheering before she walked off camera and the scene faded.


Mev was out first and honestly she couldn’t care less that the fans were booing her. She trashed every single one of them at ringside, but it wasn’t until she made it all the way around the ring that she looked into the 4CW camera to say one last insult to everyone watching at home that she was shocked when Kaelan Laughlin charged down the ramp refusing to wait for her music. The two brawled around ringside taking turns throwing the other one into the barrier and then the steps. The referee tries to get the two of them into the ring, but Mevy shoves him away and grabs Kaelan by her hair bouncing her head off the apron. Instead of retreating Kaelan grabs Mev now and throws her back first into the apron and lets loose with a barrage of forearms until Mev rakes her eyes and gets into the ring to escape. The bell rings when Kaelan follows her in, still unable to fully see and her lack of awareness was clear when Mev hit a spinning neckbreaker and tried to end it early but Kaelan kicked out at two! Mev mounted her and began throwing punches trying to take Kaelan out, but she catches an arm and transitions quickly into an arm bar but Mev grabs the bottom rope and slides out underneath. Kaelan follows and Mev picks up speed and slides into the ring waiting for Kaelan to follow but she’s there with a massive kick to the stomach before hovering over her and throwing vicious knees to Kaelan’s rib cage area. Mev then locks in a legscissors putting pressure to the mid section and throwing forearms to the side of her head trying to roll her over in a modified pin multiple times, each one getting a near fall. Mev went back to the well with forearms, but Kaelan caught the arm again and threw elbows to break the hold before getting to her feet and taking her out with lariats over and over again before letting out the cry of a warrior and tossing Mev over her head with a belly to belly suplex – but it clearly hurt her midsection on the throw.

Kaelan would take advantage from here with stomps to Mev as she tried to roll around the ring evading them, going as far as rolling into the referee and using him as a shield before attacking the midsection again this time locking in an abdominal stretch throwing downward elbows to the ribcage until Kaelan fell to the mat causing the referee to step in and try to stop the match. The referee backed Mev off who wanted nothing more than to increase the severity of the attack, he turned to stop the match but Kaelan grabbed him by the shirt and told him she’s not done. This brought Mev to toss the referee to the side and kicking Kaelan again in the mid section. Mev is eating up the heat from the crowd and turns to kick Kaelan again – but NO! Kaelan grabs her leg and dragon whips her to the mat locking in a texas clover leaf! Mev is stuck and trying to crawl to the ropes but Kaelan continuously drags her to the middle of the ring and wrenches back further until Kaelan lets go grabbing her ribs in pain. Mev hobbles to one leg and plants a distracted Kaelan face first into the mat with the WHIPLASH ddt!


Kaelan kicks out! Mev is in shock! She slaps Kaelan in the head begging her to get up and looking to polish her off with the jumping cutter as she stands, SHEER DRO-NO! Kaelan shoves her away into the ropes and Mev fires back into a tilt a whirl backbreaker! Both women are down! The fans eat it up as they both try to get to their feet, but Mev delivers another knee to the ribs of Kaelan, WHIPLASH DD-NO! Kaelan stop the momentum! Northern lights suplex with a bridge!


Mev kicks out! Again both women are down and struggle to get to their feet. Mev hobbling, Kaelan grabbing her ribs the two meet in the middle of the ring for an exchange of forearms that start slow but pick up in frequency back and forth until they grab the back of each other’s heads and deliver rapidfire forearms until Kaelan breaks it up with a european uppercut that she holds onto running towards the corner PRICE PAID contra code! The landing impact leaves Kaelan rolling around in agony as she crawls to cover Mev with an arm draped across her chest.


Mev kicks out AGAIN! Kaelan scoots across the ring to rest against the ropes staring at Mev, wondering what it will take to put her away. She gets to her feet and lifts Mev up using the corner and puts her seated on the top turnbuckle looking for a belly to belly suplex off the top rop-NO! A massive Bell clap! Kaelan falls to the canvas on her feet as Mev readies herself for a crossbody from the top rope! It Hits perfectl-WAIT! KAELAN ROLLED THROUGH! She has a hold of Mev and locks her into the tree of woe in the corner. Mev struggles to sit up and free her feet FROM BELFAST WITH LOVE! A modified corner stomp! Kaelan covers Mev


Kaelan didn’t drag her into the middle of the ring and she looks heartbroken knowing damn well she should have. She has lost all composure and mounts Mev throwing strike after strike, Mev positions her legs to roll Kaelan on her back for a near fall, Kaelan kicks out at two and gets to her feet cross arm breaker! THE RED LINE! Mev caught Kaelan! But she quickly gets to her feet with Mev still locked in tight around her arm! Kaelan lifts Mev up and DROPS HER ON HER HEAD! Mev STILL WONT LET GO! She’s struggling to get Kaelan on her back and Kaelan falls to one knee. Kaelan throws multiple downward elbows to the knee of her opponent before getting to her feet and lifting Mev one more time DROPPING HER AGAIN on her head and stacking her up



WINNER: Kaelan Laughlin via Pinfall (24:39)


During Cartier’s entrance, she was making her way to the ring talking trash to the camera walking past when the camera blindsided her from behind after she had went by. The fans were in shock as The camera man took his hat and fake mustache off revealing to be Hudson Hughes! The referee makes his way to the outside but he shoves the referee away and tells him that he’s the goddamn boss around here. Hudson then grabs the hair of Cartier and slams her head against the floor outside over and over again until he saw fit. He then dragged her ringside and put her up against the steps where he charged at her and sandwiched her head between his hip and the ringside steps! Cartier isn’t moving and Hudson couldn’t be smiling any wider. He rolls her into the ring and tells the referee to ring the bell to start the match. He took his time taunting the fans as they booed him endlessly. He put his foot on Cartier’s chest to pin her, but it was only a two count which infuriated him. Hudson then lifted Cartier up and grabbed her by the face telling her not to disrespect the boss, but she spit in his face. He tries to wipe the spit from his face and she speared him to the mat and began throwing repeated punches to Hudson as he tried to get free and eventually grabbed a hold of the referee pulling him into Cartier which disrupted the mounted punches. She gets in the face of the referee and verbally destroys him yelling about a conspiracy against a proud black woman. Hudson grabs her by the hair and pulls her down to the mat before dropping a very unathletic elbow and trying to pin Cartier again – she obviously kicks out at one. He backs up and dares Cartier to get up hopping up and down like he’s a legendary boxer. He goes to throw some jabs, but Cartier hits a hiptoss to knee lift that sends Hudson under the middle rope retreating. He tries to head up the entrance to get away but she catches him halfway and leads him back into the ring using his ear like an angry mother before throwing him into the steps face first. She rolls Hudson in and tries to pin him but he kicks out at two. Cartier waits for Hudson to get to his feet and hits him with the hip check and leg drop splits trying to pin him again, but he kicks out at two. Hudson grabs her hair and headbutts her before getting to his feet and trying to piledrive Cartier, but he stops and lifts him up instead over her shoulders, still holding onto his legs and STATEN ISLAND SLAM! The Alabama slam into the mat and FINALLY Cartier has had ENOUGH of this bullshit and pins Hudson.


The referee gets pulled out of the ring and Cartier can’t figure out why the pinfall wasn’t a three count. She looks over to where the referee disappeared to see GRAHAM GOSCH?! Standing ringside. She gets to her feet and walks over to the ropes yelling at Graham as Hudson gets to his feet and rolls Cartier up! But the referee is down on the outside still and Hudson slaps his own hand to the mat three times before escaping from the ring and raising his hand as Graham smiles and Cartier has no idea what’s happening as the referee gets to the time keeper and the bell finally rings. The referee tells the timekeeper the match is… thrown out!? Hudson is irate and charges into the ring to head back after Cartier but as he gets to one knee he gets met with the EMPIRE STATE OF MIND kinshasaaaaa. Graham pulls a lifeless Hudson from the ring and drags him up the entrance.

WINNER: No Contest (09:10)


Chants of “Let’s Go Miri! AH-MAY-ZING!” fill the entire arena as both competitors stare at each other from across the ring, neither side blinking. That is, until the bell rings. Johnny and Damien race to the center of the ring and lock up, allowing the former NCAA collegiate athlete Miri to quickly gain the advantage with a headlock that transitions into a waistlock. The superior athlete in Amazing finds himself out of Dame’s grip in a second, slipping out and taking ahold of Miri’s right wrist, torquing it back and forcing The Leader Of The Conglomerate down to a knee. Dame takes a back bump before attempting to kip up to his feet but Johnny sweeps his legs from up under him, releasing his hand and leaping high in the air for a pinpoint accurate knee drop to the side of the face. Amazing goes for an early cover, but Miri kicks out before the count of one. An overly aggressive Johnny pounces on Damien and begins raining down rights and lefts that force him to cover up, giving the official no other choice but to begin the five count. As it looks like Johnny isn’t gonna stop slugging on Damien in time to break the count, the ref jumps in between the two and almost tackles Johnny out of the way. This gives Miri enough time to rise to his feet and charge at his opponent for a bicycle kick. Johnny ducks out of the way and Dame’s boot connects with the official’s jaw, rendering him unconscious in the center of the ring.

Amazing leaps up to his feet only for Damien to try and shoot kick him in the family jewels but Johnny catches Dame’s leg in time and pulls him in for a back elbow followed by a Dragon screw leg whip. Amazing then starts to work on Miri’s leg, landing a handful of knee drops followed by an elbow as Johnny continues to show a much more aggressive side to him. A few more unnecessary shots to Miri’s knee follow before Amazing grabs a handful of his opponent’s hair and drags him up to his feet. Being the opportunist that he is, Damien pokes Johnny in the eyes and spikes his head into the canvas with a solid DDT. As the amazing one clutches the back of his neck, Miri rolls out of the ring and grasps at his knee before looking under the ring for something and almost instantly pulling out a steel chair. Dame menacingly smiles at the chair and rolls back in the ring, slowly rising to his feet before walking over to a prone Johnny Amazing. What follows is a series of battering chair shots that leave marks all alongside Johnny’s back, forcing him to wince and yell out with each passing shot. Eventually, Damien picks Johnny up and tosses him through the nearby middle rope and over to the outside.

Miri stalks his opponent, driving his boot into his back before lifting him up to a vertical base. Dame kicks Amazing in the gut and lifts him up into a powerbomb position, bolting toward a nearby corner and tossing him back-first into the ring post, leaving him flat out on the outside. Miri grimaces as he rubs on his hurting right knee but not before sending another boot to the gut of a downed Johnny Amazing. Dame then picks Johnny up once more, trying for another powerbomb toss but The Amazing One wiggles out of it just in time, running over and leaping onto the nearby apron. Dame gives chase, leaping onto the apron only to eat a solid European uppercut for his trouble, sending him backpedaling. Johnny runs over to Damien and takes a back elbow to the face. This prompts Dame to whip Amazing around and set him up for a back suplex. Johnny flips over and lands on his feet before he grabs ahold of Miri and sets him up for what looks like his own back suplex. Tossing Damien in the air, Johnny executes a gnarly back suplex neckbreaker onto the apron, leaving Miri laid out. Amazing slowly rises up to his feet using the ropes and backs up, staring at his opponent with an uncharacteristic dead-eyed stare. A realization of the opportunities taken from him & all of the times he’s been overlooked because of this one man, because of Damien releases a certain anger in him, so much so that Johnny yells out before running at a clearly out of it Miri, punting him in the head with an Ama-ZING 2.0 apron kick that knocks his opponent’s block off, sending him spilling over to the outside.

With Johnny grasping onto his back, he stares down at Miri and looks out toward the crowd before extending his index and middle finger like a gun, clicking his thumb in time with a wink. After slowly making his way over a nearby corner, he begins to ascend to the top turnbuckle. With everyone out of their seats, Johnny fully rises to the top before shrugging his shoulders, leaping off for a nasty Cannon Blast, the 630 senton connecting across the midsection of a prone Miri whilst simultaneously blowing the roof off of the place. Johnny climbs to his feet, grabs a handful of Dame’s hair and pulls him up to his feet, rolling him back into the ring. Amazing slides in there and gives the official a shake before hooking Miri’s legs for the cover.

Damien gets his shoulder up in time! Johnny looks over at the referee, flabbergasted with the slow count. Now standing up, Amazing begins to stalk Dame as he slowly makes it up to his feet. Running across the ring, Johnny leaps onto the middle rope and springboards off, the Blank Point springboard enzuigiri landing square on Miri’s jaw and drops him like a sack of bricks. Amazing quickly pops up to his feet, grabbing ahold of his back yet again as he walks over to a nearby corner and starts to climb up to the top. Just as Johnny signals the end, Damien has half of a mind to roll out of the ring, shaking his head. This forces Amazing to turn around and leap toward the outside, but Miri just slides back into the ring chuckling at his opponent until he sees that Johnny landed on his feet. Johnny slides into the ring and ducks a right hand by Dame, running across the ring with a head of steam and leaping onto the middle rope once again, this time for a moonsault. Damien cockily smiles at his flying opponent, faking out a superkick before stepping back into a nearby corner. Johnny lands on his feet, only to eat a Conglomerate Kick to the back of the head, dropping him where he stands. Miri falls down and rolls Amazing over, draping an arm over his chest as the official starts the count.

Johnny gets his shoulder up right before the count of three! Damien quickly starts to argue with the referee, rising up to his feet and grabbing ahold of the official’s striped shirt. The referee and Miri continue to bicker back and forth, with the official shoving Dame back and threatening to throw the entire thing away. What Miri doesn’t know is that he’s given all this time for Johnny to recuperate and rise up to his feet, so when Dame turns around, he’s welcomed with a shotgun missile dropkick to the chest that shoots him into the corner across the ring. Johnny wastes no time kipping up to his feet and bolting across the ring for an Ama-Zing Yakuza kick in the corner. Once again as Amazing tries to head up to the top, Damien rolls out of the ring, this time taking a breather on the apron. Johnny leaps off of the middle turnbuckle and grabs a handful fo Miri’s hair. Dame responds with a solid forearm to the face, which Johnny reciprocates with a forearm of his own. Amazing follows up by grabbing Miri and lifting him up for a suplex, slowly walking to the center of the ring with his opponent still held high up and sending him back first into the canvas with a falcon arrow. Johnny hooks the leg!

And Damien somehow kicks out yet again! Johnny slowly gets to his feet and peels Dame off of the floor, setting him up for The Amazing Bomber Snapmare, his signature snapmare driver that has ended the best of folks. Damien pushes him off and flips the bird at Johnny before being clocked in the face with a right hand. Miri follows up with a right of his own but Amazing responds with a stiff forearm that nearly drops him. Damien tries for a bicycle kick but Johnny ducks it and sends a superkick Miri’s way, sending him flying toward the nearby ropes. Damien rebounds off the ropes and hits a Conglomerate kick, prompting both men to hit the canvas out of exhaustion. The referee doesn’t take very long to start the ten count, but at around 7, both competitors begin making it to their feet. Damien immediately tries for a superkick again, but Johnny rolls under it and kips up. Amazing tries for a bicycle kick himself, but Dame hides behind the official, prompting Johnny to stop in his tracks. Miri shoves the referee into Amazing, causing their heads to collide before kicking him in the knee and dropping him down. He bolts across the ring, rebounding off of the ropes for a WELCOME TO SEATTLE (curb stomp) that drives Johnny’s head into the mat. Rolling his opponent over, Dame hooks a leg and the official limps over to make the count.



WINNER: Damien Miri via Pinfall (27:10)


Kenny began the match and tried to shake everyone’s hand, but when he got to Will his hand was basically crushed as the three chose to, as we see frequently, team up to break down Will and get him off his feet. Clyde hits a shoulder block that leaves him on the mat holding his shoulder as the crowd laughs because Will is massive. Kenny hits a baisiku knee to Will that stuns him as Lauryn flips over holding onto Will with a neckbreaker! Will is down! They’ve finally got Will down! Kenny tries to pin Will but he throws him off. Clyde is next and meets the same fate. Lauryn tries to get a hold of his arm for a submission but Will escapes to the outside. He thought this would mean he’s safe but Clyde athletically hits a handspring tope over the top rope WILL CATCHES HIM! Kenny flies over the top rope with a crossbody and WILL CATCHES HIM TOO OH MY GOD! Will falls backwards with a Samoan Drop while throwing Clyde over his head and into the first row of fans! He tries to get back into the ring but Lauryn is on the middle rope when he does and she leaps off with a tornado dd-AGAIN?! Will catches Lauryn and locks in a bear hug manhandling. She tries anything to break the hold but for minutes she’s crushed until Will lets go and watches her fall to the mat. The duo of Clyde and Kenny fly through the air at the same time with double missile dropkicks and take the big man off his feet. They work more as a team striking Will on his knees. Kenny then hits a running forearm and Clyde hits a hurricanrana that sends Will face first into the mat. They both meet the same outcome of trying to pin Will when they’re thrown from his chest before he gets to a kne- RUNNING BICYCLE KICK! Lauryn is back on her feet leaving the crowd wondering WHEN WILL DRAGON AGE 4 COME OUT?! Will is on his back again. Frog Splash from Kenny onto Will! Clyde is on the top rope! MOONSAULT DOUBLE STOMP!!!! But Will rolls out of the ring to regroup and Kenny immediately locks in a headlock on Lauryn but is met with a headlock from Clyde as the three move around the ring in a triple headlock.

Will is back in the ring and has snuck behind the group and grabs Kenny in a German suplex but that has the other two also locked in as he hits a triple german suplex! Will is amped and tosses each competitor into the corner before charging into each corner and splashing them. Will roars in the middle of the ring pounding his chest towards the fans TRIPLE SUPERKICK! They recovered quickly THREE WAY RUNNING KNEE!! Will’s head is sandwiched! Clyde and Kenny high five each other but Lauryn uses Will as a launching pad to flip over and hit a double neckbreaker! She wastes no time getting to the apron and hitting a double slingshot elbow drop! Lauryn covers Clyde for a two count that Kenny breaks up, and he apologizes for it. Lauryn lets loose with an assault of kicks and forearms that Kenny tries to block backing him all the way into the corner. Clyde tries to pull Lauryn off but she turns around and shoves him back to the mat – he tries once again and taps her on the shoulder but she throws an elbow and doesn’t miss a wink! Kenny is taking heavy damage as Lauryn tries to turn and shove Clyde again, but it wasn’t Clyde this time and Will tosses her across the ring onto Clyde by the hair. Will then gets behind Kenny on the top turnbuckle and dangles him in a rear naked choke. Kenny is flailing during what’s basically his public lynching until we see Clyde balancing himself while running across the top rope and drop kicking Will and Kenny! They take a sick spill to the outside over the top rope and Will hits the apron head first! Clyde has no time to recover as he gets to his feet and looks on in horror at the chaos he created outside FIERY IMPULS-NO! Clyde reached up and gouged her eyes! BEETLE GEUSEEE. She lets go of the move as Clyde goes off the ropes and charges back in acrobatically transitioning into an octopus stretch RINGS OF NEPTUNE!! Clyde is wrenching trying his damndest to get Lauryn to submit but she refuses! She drops to a knee and Clyde pulls back as much as he can and Lauryn ta-KENNY MAKES THE SAVE! Kenny pulls Clyde off of Lauryn and drops him with the LOVE MACHINE DDT!! Lauryn pulls Kenny off and grabs a hold of his wrist following it with a twist and koppuuu kiiiick!!! PROGRESSION VOLUME II!



WINNER: Lauryn Wolfe via Pinfall (13:10)


Smokey introduces the King’s Road Champion to the crowd, as Jett Wilder keeps ahold of the championship. He stays on the outside of the ring, not wanting to get into the ring with Ace Baldwin and Malik Fox. Malik stares daggers into Jett, but its Ace who attacks first. He takes advantage of Malik’s distraction, clobbering him from behind. Jett watches, as the big man takes a beating in the ring. Jett soon enough gets involved, sliding into the ring as Ace turns his attention towards Jett. Ace feigns a punch, sending Jett scattering out of the ring. Ace turns his attention back to Malik, who is up to his feet! Malik grabs Ace, planting him in the middle of the ring with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex! Ace flies across the ring, rolling to the outside as he tries to recover quickly. Jett soon tries to attack him, not doing much damage in the process. Malik sees this, rushing over to that side of the ring as he takes out both men with a SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE! The crowd cannot believe it, the big man flying through the ropes as he connects with the dive! All three men lay on the outside of the ring, Malik getting back up to his feet first. He grabs Ace, tossing him into the crowd as he looks to focus on Jett. Jett pleads with Malik, doing his best to get away from the champion. Jett even offers to give him back the title, but it’s too late! Malik grabs Jett, planting his open palm in the middle of his chest with a HUGE slap! Jett’s chest crowd bright red, very quickly, the open hand chop echoing throughout the arena. Jett falls to the floor, as Malik taunts his opponents to the crowd’s favorable reaction. The momentum quickly shifts though as Ace catches Malik with a Forearm. This stuns Malik allowing Ace to attack with an aggression that hadn’t been shown yet in this match. It works, definitely catching Malik off guard as Ace takes him down with a Suplex. The crowd boos Ace, who surprisingly doesn’t seem to address the crowd. Ace attacks the right arm of Malik Fox, dropping a knee right onto his shoulder. The Champ screams out in pain, as Ace Baldwin delivers another brutal Kneedrop to his opponent’s shoulder!

As the match goes on, so does the punishment to Malik’s shoulder and arm. Ace focuses in on it, and manages to keep Jett Wilder out of the ring too. Jett cannot seem to put any offense together, being attacked at every opportunity he has. Ace whips Malik to the rope, who quickly ducks under Ace and connects with a Dropkick. The move sends Ace to the outside as Gregg quickly follows that up with another Suicide Dive! Jett soon follows this up, attacking from the top rope with a SWAG SPLASH! Jett Wilder takes out Malik Fox, coming down on that right shoulder that Ace Baldwin had been attacking. Malik lays on the outside, in pain, as Jett focuses back on Ace Baldwin. The two re-enter the ring, as Jett Wilder takes advantage of Ace’s stunned state. Jett connects with a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker, and follows that up with an Ankle Lock! The momentum clearly seems to be on Jett’s side as the match progresses on. Soon enough Jett finds that he’s not alone in the ring, as Malik Fox has made his way back into the ring. Even with one arm, Malik is a dangerous man. Jett charges at Malik, who promptly swats him into the nearby corner! Ace gets up to his feet, and clobbers Malik with a Double Axe Handle from the middle rope! Ace laughs, as he thinks that he’s taken back control of this match.

This doesn’t last long as Malik soon enough begins to fight back. They quickly forget; cheering for Malik as he mounts his comeback. Even with one arm, Malik is fighting as Jett and Ace get back up to their feet. Malik connects with a Release German Suplex to Jett, connecting with a Flapjack to Ace Baldwin! Malik is looking to capitalize; locking Ace Baldwin in a one-armed Texas Cloverleaf! The crowd cannot believe it, as Jett Wilder tries to connect with a Crossbody from the middle rope! Malik lets go, grabbing Jett with his one good arm, slamming him down onto Ace Baldwin! Malik applies an Inverted Figure Four Leglock on Jett, putting Jett into a world of pain! Jett stays in the middle of the ring, unable to get away. Jett eventually is able to connect with several right hands. Each punch getting him closer and closer to escape until he’s finally able to get away! Jett uses the top rope to stand, as Ace Baldwin finally gets to his feet. Ace charges Malik Fox, who sends him toppling over the top rope. Ace stands on the apron and drags Malik to the outside with him. Both men battle for stability, as Malik looks to drop Ace on the apron. He tries for a Suplex, but Ace fights out of it. Ace tries for a Suplex of his own, but Jett comes charging in with a Dropkick that sends both men crashing to the floor!

This crowd is red hot as both men crawl back into the ring, while Jett looks on. Malik Fox looks to be in bad shape, having taken a lot of damage from Ace Baldwin and Jett Wilder in the last few moments. He tries getting to his feet, but Ace clobbers him with a series of Forearm Smashes. Each one worse than the other as Ace has a look in his eyes. He’s trying to keep Malik down, but the Champ just won’t stay down! Ace tries for a Floating Neckbreaker, but Malik fights out of it. Jett gets involved, connecting with a Superkick as Ace connects with the Autodrop! The Brainbuster connects, much to the surprise of everyone! Ace tries covering Malik, but Jett quickly pulls him off of the Champion. The two begin to argue, as Ace blasts Jett with a stiff Right Hand! Jett drops to the canvas, the crowd booing Ace Baldwin as he stands tall in this match. Malik tries getting back up to his feet, but Ace is right there. He lifts him up and drops him to the mat with a THANKS FOR COMING! It catches everyone by surprise, considering the weight difference between the two. Malik Fox is down, as Ace Baldwin looks over at Jett Wilder, he’s ready to finish this match right now! Jett is brought up to his feet, but Ace quickly drops him as he looks out towards the ramp.

The crowd can’t believe it as NERIAH HOLST RUNS OUT FROM THE BACK! Smokey Mayfield cannot believe it, having spent all of this match trying to coach Malik Fox back into it. He’s livid, knowing exactly what kind of trouble Neriah can bring in, but Neriah seems to try and ease his mind. He tells Smokey that he’s going to “smack the shit out of Ace Baldwin”, as Ace Baldwin looks on. It’s a three way dance, there are no rules to end this match now that Neriah is getting involved! The ringside official can only watch, as Neriah gets a chair and walks into the ring. The crowd is unsure of what is going to happen, as Ace Baldwin looks on. Ace tries to talk to Neriah, even offering him a place in The Standard! Neriah looks on, as Malik Fox gets back up to his feet. Neriah looks over towards Malik, and smirks, offering his HAND TO ACE BALDWIN! THE CROWD CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!

Neriah shakes Ace Baldwin’s hand, as Ace raises Neriah’s up in the middle of the ring. Ace turns to Malik, taunting him, telling him that he’s “lost the championship now!”. Ace calls for Neriah to attack Malik, Neriah grabs the chair and HITS ACE BALDWIN IN THE BACK! ACE GOES DOWN!!

Malik smirks, as Neriah smiles right back at him. Malik watches as Neriah takes a step forward, and SMASHES THE CHAIR OVER MALIK FOX’S HEAD!!!

The crowd is stunned, as Neriah drops the chair, looking over Malik Fox. Smokey stays on the outside, stunned and frozen in place. Neriah leaves the ring, having done his damage, as Jett Wilder is up to his feet! Before anyone can even figure out what’s going on, Jett has crawled over and covered Malik Fox in the middle of the ring!



WINNER: Jett Wilder via Pinfall (23:10)

“Blessings” by Big Sean plays, the crowd stays there in stunned silence as Jett Wilder has his hand raised in the middle of the ring. He is OFFICIALLY the NEW King’s Road Champion! He’s handed the championship, Jett can only fall to his knees as he begins to bawl in the middle of the ring. It’s a very ugly cry, deep sobbing as nobody really understands what just happened. Neriah stays on the outside of the ring, looking at Malik as he smiles. Smokey, finally unfrozen, looks over at Neriah. Smokey tries to lunge at Neriah, but several officials have come from the backstage area, they keep Smokey away from Neriah. Gareth Prescott races out from the back, giving Neriah an earful. He tells Neriah “You weren’t supposed to do that! That’s not what you said you came here to do!”.

JOHNSON: ”Malik Fox has just had the King’s Road Championship stolen from him!”

VASSA: ”Nevermind that, Jett Wilder is the King’s Road Champion! I think Nerish Holst has a new best friend tonight!”

JOHNSON: ”Oh my god, folks we have to sign out! Chapter Twenty-Six is going to be insane, stay tuned!”

Jett has finally calmed himself down enough to get back up to his feet, he stands on the middle rope, holding the King’s Road Championship up high for everyone to see. We have a NEW Champion tonight, Jett Wilder has finally found his way to the top here in 4CW!