1. 4CW is a fictional wrestling role-playing game. We are not affiliated with any real wrestling companies. We do not take credit for any photography used for graphic purposes.

2. If there is a problem with a member of the roster or staff, DO NOT make a scene on the forum about it. Any and all problems need to be resolved in private. If the opposing parties cannot resolve the problem then staff will be forced to step in until a resolution can be made.

3. Racism will not be tolerated.

4. Spam, advertising, and poaching will not be tolerated.

5. Post accordingly in whichever section of the forum you are in.

6. Contact a member of staff for affiliation inquiries.

1. All applicants must fill out an application in full with all of the information using our template.

2. Tag Team applicants must fill out an application for each character as well as the Tag Team application.

3. Stable applicants must fill out an application for each character as well as the Stable application.

4. Only created original characters will be accepted. Copies will not be accepted.

5. Only realistic characters and movesets will be accepted.

6. Only pictures of real people will be accepted as picbases.

7. Review the taken lists on the forum for picbases and music before submitting an application.

8. There is a character cap in place for the roster.

  • KING’S ROAD: 32

1. Each event is held every two weeks.

2. Pay-Per-Views are held from time to time.

3. All segments for events must be accepted no later than the events required deadline of 6:00 PM EST, the day of the event.

4. Results will be written out in a mixture of summary and full detail. Main events, headline and title matches will be written to a larger extent. Undercard matches will be summarized with depth and detail. Pre-Show matches will be short summarized.

5. New cards will be posted the day after each event.

6. The event cards will be broken up into four categories – Pre-Show, Undercard, Headline, and Main Event.

7. King’s Road is an angled division of 4CW.

8. Sell the angle provided to you by management, and speak with management directly if you have an issue with the angle provided.

9. No role-plays are required to be written for King’s Road.

1. Championships are earned, not given.

2. A championship must be defended in order to continue holding it. If a title cannot be defended accordingly to its outlines, it will be stripped from the holder.

  • The King’s Road Championship (Tier I)
  • The Internet Championship (Tier II)
  • The Tag Team Championships (Stand Alone Tier)

1. PM all segments for shows to a member of staff.

2. PM strategies for shows to a member of staff and the writer of your match.

3. PM angles and ideas for shows and storylines to a member of staff.

4. If you decide to leave 4CW while holding a championship, your character will be used until the championship is removed from them. You can however work with staff to create a storyline around it. How your character and angle is used will depend on how you part with 4CW.

5. The championships in 4CW are fake, they are not real. If you try to leave with (steal) a championship to go to another place it will not be recognized in anything that 4CW does moving forward. However, you will leave your character open to whatever we please to do with them until they are officially terminated.